Czech radio 3 - Vltava a EBU Ars Acustica presents
Art's birthday 2008 | Forever young
17. January 2008 | 21:00 - 22:30 (CET)

art's birthday 2008 - Art's Birthday 2008

Experiment is future mainstream. This sentence has echoed since the first days of modern art and avant-garde as an inciting comment for progressive and innovative production. What fortunes has the avant-garde vision been through, which originally considered itself the true vanguard of artistic developments to come? Art's Birthday 2008 will present the current works of Czech and Slovak musicians, graphic artists, poets, and performers, who will reflect the most fruitful period of artistic experiment in this country, the 1960s. The authors, who themselves represent the contemporary Czech and Slovak artistic experiment, will present a reflection on the widely known 1960s works, arrayed in contemporary musical language and technology, under the codename Sixties Reloaded. The principles and techniques applied in the original works will thus gain new realisations in the form of musical and audio-art compositions.

Art's Birthday "Sixties Reloaded" will reconnect artists world-wide in a birthday party to celebrate the 1,000,044th anniversary of art. On air on ČRo Vltava and EBU satellites, on-line via Radio Lemurie and CRo Online. 

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