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January 17 | 2011 | 20:00 - 22:30 [CET]

20:00 [CET] TyaRa (Hommage à J. Cage, A.V. Popov, G. Marconi)

20:30 [CET] Ensemble MARIJAN

20:55 [CET] Radio ROYAL

21:20 [CET] Palagrachio


20:00 [CET] TyaRa (Hommage à J. Cage, A.V. Popov, G. Marconi)
TyaRa is both an instrument and a music group focused on research done across radio waves bands. Hum, noise, rustle, rattle as well as speech and recorded music become – thanks to four radio tuners (Magdaléna Kobzová, Alexandra Moralesová, Barbora Švarcová, and Viola Ježková, plus a guest, Kryštof Pešek) – a source of sound material, which is then transferred to two sequencers, in which the mixture of sounds from the waves is compositionally arranged by Michal Kindernay and Michal Cáb. On the platform of TyaRa, accident is connected with order and the resulting sound collage ranges from abstract layers to minimalist rhythmical compositions.

20:30 [CET] Ensemble MARIJAN
Ensemble Marijan was founded in 2000 and it is focused on playing music on the borderland between improvisation and original compositions by its members, who all graduated from Janáček Academy of Music and Performing Arts in Brno. In a lot of compositions they also use electronic and electric-acoustic music and stage acts creating a multimedia character of their performances. Marijan’s lineup is variable, but its basis is formed by three permanent members – Markéta Dvořáková (keyboards, drums, vocal), Jan Kavan (cello), and Ivo Medek (drums, prepared piano, amplified objects and installations). Since 2009 a few young artists have been added to the ensemble – Lucie Vítková (accordion), Petr Pařízek (flute, vocal), and Sára Žalčíková (piano).

Besides compositions and improvisations the ensemble members have written an “opera hallucination” in 38 acts called MrTVÁ?. It has been performed at the 50th international music festival Warsaw Autumn 2007, the Fire Projects, Soundscapes, and at OT 301 – Live in Amsterdam. The ensemble is a member of Sdružení Q from Brno and it often cooperates with artists. Recently, the compositions from the ensemble’s repertoire were played at V:NM festival in Graz, Wiener Festwochen, Audio Art in Krakow and Warsaw, GrabenFest in Vienna, and at other events in Holland, Germany, Slovakia, Poland, Ukraine, and repeatedly in the USA.

20:55 [CET] Radio Royal
The Radio Royal project by the Federsel (mgf, no input mixing board, generator, talkbox) and Ferenc (LP, MC) duo deals with recycling and using useless waste sounds.

A stuck record player stylus or a short circuit in the mixing board create rhythmical patterns. Above them, another pseudoharmonic material spans created by the noise of audio devices, processed feedback made by means of old sound effects, and by other manipulation with vinyl records.

Recently, RR have included obsolete media in their set of instruments – cassette and reel-to-reel tape recorders. However, the musical information stored on the magnetic media or vinyl records is secondary because RR’s main focus is always on the medium itself. Radio Royal is a lab project that transforms sonic scrap material.

“The plot may be expressed by a sound image. When we hear water lapping, somebody breathing, then silence, sounds of struggle, the hiss of air bubbles, rapid rowing, somebody diving, intensive strokes, a burden being pulled onto the shore, heavy breathing in and out, and eventually a sigh of relief, our experience and imagination suggest that we have heard a successful rescue of a drowning person.”

Zdeněk Bouček, Ivo Rottenberg: ABC lovce zvuku. Práce, Praha 1974.

21:20 [CET] Palagrachio
Since 2006 Palagrachio has been the name of occasional musical collaborations of pianist Peter Graham and amplified Dopleta knitting machine player Ivan Palacký. The duo plays strictly the music of the present moment. During shows, both musicians try to decide intuitively what does not need to be played any more. In 2010 their studio record was released by Uceroz under the title Looking For A Looking For.

Peter Graham (piano) studied organ playing and composition at Brno Conservatory. He continued studying with Alois Piňos at Janáček Academy of Music and Performing Arts (JAMU). At the moment he is a teacher at the composition and conducting department of JAMU’s Music Faculty.

Ivan Palacký (amplified Dopleta 180 knitting machine) – a musician and architect. In the 1980’s and early 1990’s he played in different bands, such as Sledě, živé sledě. At the moment he is, along with Filip Cenek, a member of an audiovisual improvisational duo called “Koberce, záclony“. He keeps a sound journal of his journeys – he records fragments of stories, strange sounds, and different “acoustic errors”. Since 2002 he has been pursuing free improvisation and he likes to participate in short-term projects (cooperation with the Cremaster duo, Willem Guthriem, Andrea Neumann, Klaus Filip, Toshimaru Nakamura, etc.), but he also enjoys performing alone. Since 2005 his main hobby has been “mining” sounds from amplified single bed Dopleta 160 and 180 knitting machines. In 2009 he founded the Uceroz label and has, so far, released two studio records with his most favourite collaborators.


No Pavarotti was founded in the autumn of 2009 by the members of The Ruin of Ruins,  k!amm (a member of other RUiN projects and Kaspar von Urbach) and Rouilleux. They have released a 3“cd-r single Fat Pink Mouse In Graceland / Un Giorno Perfetto (2009) and two long playing records, No Pavarotti (2009) and Too Late To Care (2010), on the KLaNGundKRaCH label. Their music is mostly improvised and consists of guitar layers, electronic noise, and both members’ voices in different stages of decomposition. It is a mixture of drone-ambient, noise, post-psychedelic and pop music. It reflects the sadness and loneliness of beautiful places, people, things and melodies viewed from the side of disintegration and death. The sound evokes a world that is pleasantly rounded but cannot be touched because it would crumble in the hands. It is sunny, the sky is blue and the sea is crystal clear, but on each brightly lit beach there is a dead surfer, who is asking to speak.




ON-AIR 8:00 - 10:00 PM (CET)
Czech Radio 3 – Vltava

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EBU satellite program
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