17. ledna 2013 | 20:00
experimental cafe NOVÁ SYNTÉZA | Dukelských hrdinů 47 | PRAHA 7

                            20:00 All The Lonely Bitches | 
       20:30 Martin Smolka: Šeptá to...Ť in interpretation of Boca Loca Lab | 
                    20:50  o.e.m. arts (Objects – Electronics – Music) | 
21:20 Boca Loca Lab: Vocal LAND | 
                                                  21:45 Baromantika |


All The Lonely Bitches

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All The Lonely Bitches 

The sound and musical structures produced by All The Lonely Bitches are defined by the confrontation of a jazz style with electronic experiment. These two worlds communicate and interact with each other in various ways: from rational conversation by way of an open conflict back to a surprising harmony and exchange of views, and so on. It very well could happen that the PC guy might take his eyes off of the monitor and forgo his position as a wicked violator of the musical order and start playing the old-fashioned trumpet. And it just could happen as well that the guitarist might start producing sounds even stranger than the PC guy did earlier.

Nevertheless, it is unclear whether this should be called improvisation or composition and what we should think about it period. Regardless, they share a mutual adherence to both the “obsolete” and to surprising genres in combination with punk diversion and a love of mistakes. All The Lonely Bitches

Štěpán Uhlíř – guitar http://www.porg.cz/liben/lide/Uhlir.htm
Jan Záveský – electronics


Martin Smolka a BocaLoca Lab - Šeptá to Ť

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Martin Smolka: Šeptá to... Ť
„Ť“is the first of three planned semi-vocal compositions for actors with the microphones composed by respected composer Martin Smolka for Boca Loca Lab.

Boca Loca LAB

Boca Loca Lab is a creative platform for the realization of theatre productions, scenic sketches and workshops. Boca Loca Lab is a pioneer of the musical theatre form on the Czech stage, in which musical and dramatic principles are combined. The founder and leading figure of the company is director Jiří Adámek, who is also author of the libretto for all productions performed to date. Boca Loca Lab was founded in 2007 with the creation of the production, Ticks Ticks Politics. The performance was awarded the Prize for an original theatre expression on the international festival KONTAKT 2009 in Torun, in Poland and the award in the section LOW BUDGET/NO BUDGET on the Music theatre NOW festival in Berlin. Then followed, Click on the Video (2007), in which the company began working with internet commentary of the execution of Saddam Hussain. The Europeans (2008) deal with the extensive threat of the media which surrounds today`s European. The last master piece Teritorium shows how everything personal creates territory of each other. Dramaturgist Martina Musilová, choreographer Zuzana Sýkorová, actors Pavol Smolárik, Anna Synková, Vendula Holičková, Daniel Šváb, Petr Vančura, Ivana Uhlířová and others have cooperated on Boca Loca Lab projects. The company is produced by jedefrau.org.

Performers: Vendula Holičková, Pavol Smolárik, Daniel Šváb, Petr Vančura

Boca Loca means „crazy, mad, glib-tongued" in Spanish and Italian.
„A stream of sound and words, emanating from the mouths of the performers, are a trademark of this company. In the project Ticks Ticks Politics mouths choke and hiccup during speeches of political leaders. In Europeans mouths pass through apocalyptic screams. In Territorium mouths spew a list of things with which we surround ourselves, in order to create our own territory in which to encapsulate ourselves. Sometimes mouths are shut curelessly. At others they whine, shout, groan, and wail. Boca Loca Lab is a laboratory of theatre of opening mouths, theatre-concert, theatre-performance, multimedia theatre, theatre of words and sound, geometrical theatre, theatre of invocation and exorcising." J.A.


o.e.m. arts [objects ' electronics ' music]
is a Czech art group comprising of and connecting contemporary artists from the fields of sound performance, animation, and light design. Inspired by experimental art forms using a mix of sound – noise – silence, they specialize mainly in sound performances and installations. The group’s structure is fluctuating with a stable core.

music arts: Jan Trojan, Jakub Rataj, Jiří Lukeš, Ivan Boreš
video, profil design: Jan Kokolia, Lucie Fürstová
light design: Michal Horáček 

…Yerushalayim! /trojan - lukeš/

WIND~ Chap I. /trojan - boreš/

~hrajem nehrajou /trojan - boreš/


BocaLoca Lab - Vocal Land

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Boca Loca Lab: Vocal LAND 
Concert of Boca Loca LAB and the musician Mikoláš Růžička (Republic of two). The performance is based on the concept of the long-time used vocal technique of speech, singing and rhythmical voice band. The sound landscape, which is created by the laptop of Mikoláš Růžička, is in the permanent dialogue with the voices of the actors.

Performers: Vendula Holičková, Pavol Smolárik, Daniel Šváb, Petr Vančura, Anna Kroupová a Mikoláš Růžička 

Concept: Jiří Adámek
Sound design: Jan Veselý 



The cooperation of these musicians led to the release of Lenka Dusilová’s latest solo record called Baromantika, which has been praised by both critics and listeners. Beata Hlavenková has been working with Lenka Dusilová for several years; one project is, for example, the joint project with Clarinet Factory entitled Eternal Seekers. The producer duo, Tin Soldiers, consisting of Viliam Béreš and Patrik Karpentský, who also produced the above-mentioned album, have accomplished several significant achievements in the field of jazz as well as alternative or pop music.

Baromantika jako kapela navazuje na stejnojmenné desky Lenky Dusilové, kde se tito čtyři hudebníci podíleli na výsledném zvuku. Samostatný projekt těchto umělců pro Art radio bude reflektovat hudební svět všech zúčastněných bez většího důrazu na jednotlivé členy tohoto hudebního uskupení.

Lenka Dusilová – guiter, vocal, electronics
Beata Hlavenková – keyboards, vocal
Patrik Karpentski – electric and bass guitar
Viliam Béreš – keyboards, samples, kattle-drums, vocal
Martin Novák – drums, samples 



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