January 17 2014 | 7pm - 12pm / CET

Experimental space NoD   |         


7pm  // Exhibition of Minutový komixxx

7.20pm [CET] // Core of the Coalman and the Kisses in the Deep Electric Blue / video NoD

8 pm [CET] // Bernadette Zeilinger (AT) & Pavel Zlámal / concert space NoD

9 pm [CET] // Matthew Goodheart (USA) - Bracken Tongues Wept / concert space NoD

9.30 pm [CET] // Mikoláš Chadima & Julo Fujak (SK) = XAFOO / video NoD


Minutový komixxx


Lela Geislerová, Vendula Chalánková, Jiří Grus and other personalities of the Czech comics scene, but also authors from across all manner of visual arts media, have been inspired by one minute radio plays and transformed them into the form of a comics. 12 radio miniature plays of the length ranging from one to two minutes as seen through the eyes of 12 artists.




Core of the Coalman and the Kisses in the Deep Electric Blue Play Sensitive Cross-Modulations in Several Perceptual Modes (with massages and boissons chaudes)

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Core of the Coalman and the Kisses in the Deep Electric Blue Play Sensitive Cross-Modulations in Several Perceptual Modes (with massages and boissons chaudes) 


Jorge Bohringer: interactive digital synthetiser, PureData, no-input mix
Jakub Grosz: 3D animation, video feedback
Pascal Silondi: 3D animation, visual processing 

Global performance in the form of Art’s Birthday Celebration is a part of the real output of the concept of “The Eternal Network” as conceived by Robert Filliou. Composer, performer and audio artist Jorge Bohringer (Core of the Coalman) of the USA and two visual artists, Pascal Silondi and Jakub Grosz (LIBAT.NET), have prepared a performance on the occasion of Art’s Birthday, which is based upon a guided improvisation, no-input processes, feedback and mutual sharing of data sources. The system of interconnection of their instruments creates an imaginary, integrated circuit, inside of which it is possible to control and generate the resulting complex composition of music together with 3D animations and acoustic and visual feedback. It may sound a bit more complicated than it really is, but the result should be a quite fine audiovisual experience…

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Pavel Zlámal & Bernadette Zeilinger (AT)

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Pavel Zlámal & Bernadette Zeilinger (AT) 


Bernadette Zeilinger: subbass flute
Pavel Zlámal: clarinet 

Free improvisation of two music personalities who have met for the first time just recently here in Prague at the road festival HearMe!. The quiet harmony of both interpreters is a fascinating auditory experience revealing the slightest articulations of their wind instruments. We’ll hear the clarinet of the multi-genre musician and experimentalist Pavel Zlámal from Brno and the sub bass flute of the unique Vienna improvisator Bernadette Zeilinger in delicious birthday harmony.





Matthew Goodheart (U.S.): Bracken Tongues Wept / for piano with autonomous viola and metal percussion

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Matthew Goodheart (U.S.): Bracken Tongues Wept / for piano with autonomous viola and metal percussion 


Created especially for Art’s Birthday, this work combines Goodheart’s unique extended piano techniques with his explorations into re-embodied sound. Using metal percussion and viola controlled via computer, the work moves through algorithmic and improvisational sound spaces, hovering between performance piece and sound installation.

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Mikoláš Chadima & Julo Fujak (SK) = XAFOO

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Mikoláš Chadima & Julo Fujak (SK) = XAFOO 


Július Fujak: piano, bass guitar, acoustic objects
Mikoláš Chadima: saxophon, el. guitar


Wiping off dirt and dust from what has been lived through and keeps being lived through by means of a Xafoo sponge.


Dirty, this is allegedly what the word “xafoo” means in Svahili. And it is the name of the shared project of the Czech alternative icon Mikoláš Chadima (MCH Band, Kilhets, Extempore) and the Slovakian experimentalist Július Fujak (Teória odrazu). The basis of their shared intermedial project is partially improvisation. The harmony of Chadim’s saxophone and guitar with the bass guitar and piano of his Slovakian partner is complemented by a visual creation of photographs of computer drawings and sound objects. Those black spaces on the borders of the contemporary classical music, rock and perhaps jazz are lightly sketched and at the same time firmly drawn by two uncompromising masters of improvisation. Julo Fujak describes the project as “… revealing that which is hidden by means of wiping off dirt and dust from what is old and has been lived through…”. 


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Czech Radio Vltava and Radio Wave

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NoD / No Dimension Venue Dlouhá 33, Praha 1

ON-SPACE 20:00 - 24:00 [CET]
Euroradio satellites program
Art's Birthday global network
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