Bernadette Zeilinger studied improvisation in Basil with Fred Frith and Alfred Zimmerlin. Her specific way of improvisation is noticeable for its large extent of openness and flexibility. Except for solo projects, she also collaborates internationally within the circle of artistic ensembles MUZE, trioNuance and duoNuance. Her interest in experimentation and finding depths in flute playing is also reflected in her collaboration with artists such as Diego Muné, Claudia Cervenca, Michael Zerang, Franz Hautzinger, Burkhard Stangl and many others. As an artist, she focuses mainly upon interconnecting various creative fields and intercultural exchange. 

Thanks to his multigenre approach and experience, Pavel Zlámal performs in miscellaneous music groups. He leads his own projects Next Phase (alternative/jazz), Brno Improvising Unit (free music), as well as less busy formations such as Ensemble 308 or Windhoor squad. As an improviser and experimentalist he performs not only solo but he has collaborated with players such as George Cremaschi, with whom he has since formed a functioning improvisation duo, then also with Rod Paton, Hilary Jeffery, Nicolas Collins, Peter Graham, Hanuš Axmann, Will Guthrie, David Dorůžka, Ivan Palacký, Jan Faix and so on. In 2010 he was a member of an ambitious international project ÖNCZkekvist – improvising orchestra with whom he has, apart from his concert activities, recorded a CD in Austrian radio.


ON-AIR 20:00 - 22:00 [CET]
Czech Radio Vltava and Radio Wave

ON-SITE 19:00 - 24:00 [CET]
NoD / No Dimension Venue Dlouhá 33, Praha 1

ON-SPACE 20:00 - 24:00 [CET]
Euroradio satellites program
Art's Birthday global network
Concept art's birthday



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