Autoportrait bien fait, mal fait, pas fait. - Foto: Robert Filliou

Autoportrait bien fait, mal fait, pas fait.Foto: Robert Filliou


Art's Birthday Party is a celebration in memory of Robert Filliou who declared, on 17 January 1963, that Art had been born exactly 1,000,000 years ago when someone dropped a dry sponge into a pail of water. Ten years later he celebrated Art's 1,000,010th birthday at the Neue Galerie, Aachen. After Filliou's death in 1987, some artists began to celebrate Art's Birthday with mail art, fax and slow scan TV events in the spirit of his concept of "The Eternal Network" or "La Fete permanente". The birthday parties took place in different cities across the world and artists were asked to bring birthday presents for Art - works that could be shared over the network. Art's Birthday Party has never been a formal event but was always organized on an ad hoc basis through the network. Every participating location (and they are different every year) organizes its own party - from a few friends in a private studio to a performance evening in a museum, gallery or radio station. The only condition is that each group be able to send and receive birthday presents for Art. Since 1994 this has usually meant using the Internet in one form or other. Filliou's invention of Art's Birthday is wonderfully absurd and humorous in the typical Fluxus tradition of serious fun. So the global birthday party for art has always tried to be fun while paying homage to Robert Filliou's dream of The Eternal Network.

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  • VLT-ban-140 - Foto: Český rozhlas 3 - Vltava
  • Papírna - Foto: Jaroslav Bláha
  • Vestředu - Foto: Jana Trávníčková
  • RADIOART140 - Foto: Ladislav Železný
  • EBU140 - Foto: EBU Evropská vysílací unie
  • EUROr140 - Foto: EBU Evropská vysílací unie
  • Plzeň - Foto: Plzeň Evropské hlavní město kultury
  • GI - Foto:  Goethe Institut
  • IIC - Foto:  Italský kulturní institut Praha
  • HIS VOICE - Foto:  HIS Voice

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