According to the tradition set up by the Fluxus Movement member Robert Filliou back in the 1960s, art is going to celebrate its 1.000.051 birthday on January 17 2015. Just like every year, the global celebration of Art’s Birthday is going to take place at various locations all around the world, not excluding the Czech Republic. We are going to celebrate it on the airwaves of Czech Radio Vltava, in the gallery Vestředu, Culture centre Papirna Plzeň as well as online, but this year already on Friday January 16.

Let’s give art birthday gifts!

Until January 14 2015 you may send birthday gifts for art in audio format (mp3) in maximum length of 30 seconds, along with birthday wishes designed by you, on the following e-mail address:

We will be pleased to broadcast your gifts within the birthday programme of Czech Radio which is scheduled for January 16 from 8pm till 22pm on the airwaves of Czech Radio Vltava. Apart from a live transmission from the Czech birthday party, you will be able to hear live broadcast from a wide range of other European public service radios which are going to join the celebration.



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ON-AIR 19:00 - 22:30 [CET]
Czech Radio Vltava

ON-SITE 18:00 - 23:00 [CET]
PROGRAM: Gallery Vestředu Papírna Plzeň

ON-SPACE 20:00 - 24:00 [CET]
Euroradio satellites program

ON-LINE 20:00 - 23:00 [CET]
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  • VLT-ban-140 - Foto: Český rozhlas 3 - Vltava
  • Papírna - Foto: Jaroslav Bláha
  • Vestředu - Foto: Jana Trávníčková
  • RADIOART140 - Foto: Ladislav Železný
  • EBU140 - Foto: EBU Evropská vysílací unie
  • EUROr140 - Foto: EBU Evropská vysílací unie
  • Plzeň - Foto: Plzeň Evropské hlavní město kultury
  • GI - Foto:  Goethe Institut
  • IIC - Foto:  Italský kulturní institut Praha
  • HIS VOICE - Foto:  HIS Voice

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