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Concertino Praga - Foto:  Concertino Praga

Concertino Praga 2018

...is over. Here you can see a photo reportage from individual concerts and accompanying events.


Concertino Praga - Foto: Vladimír Staněk

Winners of CP 2018

International jury of experts chose the winners of the 52th annual Concertino Praga radio competition. The winners will be proving their skills during the laureates’ concert with the Prague Radio Symphony Orchestra on 7th June.

Events calendar



  • Concertino Praga 2018 - Foto: Zdeněk Chrapek
    News12. července  2018        

    Concertino Praga 2018 in photos

    Concertino Praga 2018 is over. The laureates spent in the Czech Republic almost two weeks and they not only pleased the audience in the beautiful halls in Prague and South Bohemia, but also the passengers of a special "Concertino Praga steam train" which...



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