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Publikum - Foto: Jiří Šeda

PublikumFoto: Jiří Šeda

Czeching is a music export project run by Radio Wave to support promising progressive bands in their effort to make it through to European stages and to reach foreign audiences listening to European radio stations.Czeching is seen as a hand given to local musicians. It represents a critical debate platform focused on the export of music and the music career development at Radio Wave in the form of a regular program. Czeching allows the winners to make and release a professional recording, shoot a video clip and appear at Eurosonic Noorderslag, Europe’s most prominent showcase festival paving a road to European radios.

A panel composed of Czech and foreign experts (youth-focused radio stations, e.g. BBC, Puls, Rai Radio 2, Radio France, FM4) chooses a winner from five nominees, promising talents of the Czech alternative pop music scene.
Since 2016 Radio Wave has organized a public event called Czeching Showcase. All nominated bands and musicians of the current year appear on this event. At the end the winner (which will receive Radio Waves' support for the next 6 months) is announced.
The winner will get the opportunity, at the cost of Czech Radio, to record an EP (later released on an LP and in digital form) to be offered to EBU member radios. The winner will get tailor-made promotional materials and the opportunity to perform at Audio Port, a joint project of Radio Wave and Radio FM. The overall winner of the given Czeching contest will then be sent by Radio Wave to a prestigious showcase festival Eurosonic Noorderslag in Groningen (Netherlands).

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