• Tomáš Kelar - Foto: archiv Tomáše Kelara

    Tomáš Kelar (Czech Republic)

    Drummer, producer and music dramaturg Tomáš Kelar moved to Great Britain with his family in the early eighties and, as one of the few Czech musicians, became successful on foreign scene.

  • Michal Brenner - Foto: archiv Michala Brennera

    Michal Brenner (Czech Republic)

    When it comes to music dramaturgy, Michal Brenner is definitely one-step ahead of most of the Czech clubs. He is known for...

  • Michal Pařízek - Foto: archiv Michala Pařízka
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    Michal Pařízek (Czech Republic)

    Michal Pařízek, a music publicist and one of the founders of the Full Moon magazine as well as its current edi’or in ’hief,...

  • Norbert Borzym - Foto: archiv Norberta Borzyma
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    Norbert Borzym (Poland)

    Music publicist, DJ and music director of Czwoŕka, Polish public station for youth.

  • Matjaž Manček - Foto: archiv Matjaže Mančeka
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    Matjaž Manček (Slovenia)

    Dramaturg of the Kino Šiška club and co-founder of the showcase festival MENT.

  • Attila Borscik
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    Attila Borscik (Hungary)

    The chief music director of Hungarian public radio station MTVA.

  • Jernej Sobočan - Foto: archiv Jerneje Sobočana
    Jury24. srpna  2017 v 10:45       

    Jernej Sobočan (Slovenia)

    Music producer of the Slovenian public station VAL 202.

  • Jan Sneum - Foto: Jan Sneum

    Jan Sneum (Denmark)

    Jan is a true radio legend both on and off the air – he has worked for a variety of different radio stations over a career...

  • Robert Meijerink - Foto: Jimmy Israel

    Robert Meijerink (Netherlands)

    Since 2005 Robert has been working as the main booker for Eurosonic Noorderslag, the annual showcase-platform and conference...

  • Laurent Marceau - Foto:  archiv autora

    Laurent Marceau (Switzerland)

    Laurent is a music producer by trade and a true radio field pro. He worked at the BBC from 1992 til 2001. Then he left for...

  • Marta Blumi Tripodi - Foto: Federica Rossi D'Arrigo

    Marta Blumi Tripodi (Italy)

    Since 2007, Marta has been working for Rai Radio2 – Italy’s main public radio channel devoted to entertainment and music....

  • Bethan Elfyn - Foto: Mary Wycherly

    Bethan Elfyn (United Kingdom)

    Bethan Elfyn has been a radio presenter for 17 years at the BBC - based in Wales but hosting shows on BBC Radio One, and...

  • Stefan Trischler - Foto: Jeff Mangione (Kourier)

    Stefan Trischler (Austria)

    Stefan is the host of weekly HipHop show “Tribe Vibes” on Radio FM4 in Vienna and also in charge of the platform “FM4 Soundpark”...

  • Lörinc Bubnó - Foto: Katalin Felvinczi

    Lörinc Bubnó (Hungary)

    Lörinc works for Radio Petőfi - the pop music radio station that belongs to the Hungarian public service media group - as...

  • Christoph Lindemann - Foto: Max Hofstetter

    Christoph Lindemann (Germany)

    Christoph is Head of Music at PULS, a progressive young station produced by the public network, Bayerischer Rundfunk. He...

  • Jiří Špičák - Foto: Ondřej Tylčer

    Jiří Špičák (Czech Republic)

    Born in 1986, Jiří is a regular contributor to Hospodářské noviny, His Voice and Cinepur. His music favourites include Joanna...

  • Pavel Turek - Foto: Ondřej Tylčer

    Pavel Turek (Czech Republic)

    Born in 1979, Pavel completed his doctorate in the theory of photography and multimedia, but now mostly works as a music... Komfort and between 2007 and 2009 he worked for the portal, Aktuálně.cz. He has been an editor at Respekt weekly since 1st April 2010 – and fortunately not just because of an April Fools’ joke. He has no hobbies and if he took up any, he would...

  • Karel Veselý - Foto: Ondřej Tylčer

    Karel Veselý (Czech Republic)

    Born in 1976, Karel is a renowned independent music journalist. He graduated from the Philosophical Faculty of Masaryk University...

  • Daniel Baláž - Foto: archiv Daniela Baláže

    Daniel Baláž (Slovakia)

    Daniel Baláž was born in 1969 and after spending two years studying law at the Pedagogical Faculty of Charles University...

  • Wojciech Barczynski - Foto: archiv Wojciecha Barczynského

    Wojciech Barczynski (Poland)

    Music journalist and concert promoter. He currently works as music director for OFF Radio Kraków, Poland's finest digital...

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