Expert jury of Czeching 2013

Na koncertě - Foto: Jiří Šeda

Na koncertěFoto: Jiří Šeda

Six experts from professions related to music and the music industry: promoters, label representatives, music publicists and experts, organizers of music series and festivals, heads of programmes at music clubs, music talent seekers

Josef Sedloň: (in association with the Lighthouse agency) brought many interesting names not only to the Open Air Field festival, organizer of the Music Infinity series in Palác Akropolis, one of the most popular and precise Czech DJs, recently also focusing on music production, long-term presenter on Radio 1, nicknamed a “walking music encyclopaedia”, also one of the authors of Čajovna on Czech Radio Vltava 

David Urban: one of the most experienced and popular promoters – D Smack U Promotion agency, industry musician, has long been active in DJing 

Michal Máka: among other things, in charge of marketing and local titles at the Supraphon Music Publishing, former manager of several bands, a leading DJ, worked for a number of radio stations 

Michal Brenner: music visionary, programmer of the Bohemian Like You concert series and the soul of the Sperm festival, music programmer at MeetFactory

Petra Ludvíková: programmer of the EuroConnections concert evenings, Radio 1 presenter, author of the documentary “Love Story” 

Lucia Udvardyová: music publicist, curator, translator, co-founder of the Eastern Daze blog, producer of Radio Wave’s Východiska programme, contributor to the Electronic Beats magazine, owner of the Baba Vanga label 

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  • Jan Sneum (Denmark)

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  • Robert Meijerink (Netherlands)

    Since 2005 Robert has been working as the main booker for Eurosonic Noorderslag, the annual showcase-platform and conference in Groningen, Netherlands. He has the last say in the festival line-up. Besides his job at...

  • Laurent Marceau (Switzerland)

    Laurent is a music producer by trade and a true radio field pro. He worked at the BBC from 1992 til 2001. Then he left for EBU where he has been working in the Euroradio unit. He is in charge of music exchanges between...


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