Expert jury of Czeching 2014

Na koncertě - Foto: Jiří Šeda

Na koncertěFoto: Jiří Šeda

The six-member jury composed of Czech music experts (promoters, label representatives, music publicists and experts, organizers of music series and festivals, heads of programmes at music clubs and music talent seekers) nominates six contemporary songs by Czech bands that are considered to have the best chance of making it abroad. During the Czeching live session, the jury members choose the winning song. The nominated songs are also reviewed by an international jury consisting of music experts, mainly representatives of European radio stations. Our listeners also get the chance to support their favourite band on their journey to an international audience by casting their votes in the chart, Vote for Your Favourite Czech Song.

Jana Grygarová aka Apačka – co-founder, until 2013 editor-in-chief, and then senior editor of the printed music journal, Full Moon, member of the Vinyla Awards Committee, concert promoter with the umbrella collective, Keep Your Eyes Open, presenter and author of radio programmes. On July 30 2015 Jana tragically died in Georgia. 

Pavel Kučera – author of articles on cultural affairs for the most prominent Czech periodicals, author of TV and radio music programmes, currently an external editor of Reflex weekly and one of the founding members of the Apollo Awards jury of Czech music critics as well as a member of the Vinyla Music Awards jury in 2013 

Libor Lisý – music artist manager, radio presenter, contributor to practically all the printed periodicals in the 1990s, and a hugely experienced talent scout. Since 2000, a collaborator of EMI – currently associated with Warner Music 

Bára Šubrtová – programme director at United Islands, a festival livening up Prague’s islands – she has been a co-organiser of the festival since 2009. Promoter of the Exit Music concert series. 

Pavel Turek – music publicist, worked for the cultural editing department at Aktuálně.cz, contributor to Respekt weekly since 2009 (mostly music reviews), member of the Vinyla Music Awards jury in 2013. 

Tomáš Zdeněk aka Lorenzo – operator and head of programme at the Prague’s Cross club, which offers a crossbreed of cultures, genres and approaches and presents bands and DJs from all over the world 

Hervé Riesen (France) - member of the Board of Radio France and Deputy Director for International Affairs, a department which connects Radio France with other public service radio stations from across the world, especially Europe and Africa, with whom it shares a special history. These bodies mainly collaborate in the areas of music, sport and technology. He also helps develop Radio France’s concepts and strategies – together with the Director General he assists in creating quality profiles for individual programmes and allocating bands to individual stations. 

Jan Sneum (Denmark) - seasoned music critic and Danish Broadcasting Corporation presenter, and for many years a leading member of its live non-classical music department. He currently broadcasts a weekly programme called Sneums Garage, featuring a wide variety of music genres – mainly garage rock and post-psychedelic music. He is also the head of the Eurosonic group, which is part of the EBU and which focuses on modern music. 

Laurent Marceau (Switzerland) - manager of the “Eurosonic” department of the European Broadcasting Union (EBU), which supports public service broadcasters aimed at young audiences and which collaborates with the Eurosonic festival. He works in the Media unit of the EBU and is in charge of music exchanges between public service broadcasters of both recordings and live music sessions encompassing rock, pop, dance music as well as world music. 

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