Expert Jury of Czeching 2015

Czeching 2015 - Jury member Jana Grygarová - Foto: Ondřej Tylčer

Czeching 2015 - Jury member Jana GrygarováFoto: Ondřej Tylčer

The six-member jury composed of Czech music experts (promoters, label representatives, music publicists and experts, organizers of music series and festivals, heads of programmes at music clubs and music talent seekers) nominates six contemporary songs by Czech bands that are considered to have the best chance of making it abroad. During the Czeching live session, the jury members choose the winning song.

The nominated songs are also reviewed by 11 members of international jury consisting of music experts, mainly representatives of European radio stations. Our listeners also get the chance to support their favourite band on their journey to an international audience by casting their votes in the chart, Vote for Your Favourite Czech Song. 

Czech jury of Czeching 2015 

Jana Grygarová (✞ 2015)
Born in 1983, Jana is a founder, editor and publisher of Full Moon music magazine. She organised concerts under the k.y.e.o. label and presented programmes for Radio 1 and StreetCulture. She was a graduate of journalism and political science, published two e-books and works as a freelance publisher. In 2004, she joined the Freemusic portal (becoming editor-in-chief in 2007) and between 2008 and 2010, she contributed to the cultural section of Lidové noviny. As an external collaborator, she also wrote for A2, Rock & Pop, Reflex, Respekt, HYPE, Živel, among others. She was a member of the Vinyla Awards Committee, Apollo and the genre-awards, Anděl. She had a soft spot for Arab countries, the smell of freshly ground coffee got her going in the morning and she went wild when Arsenal score. On July 30 2015 Jana tragically died in Georgia.
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Karel Veselý
Born in 1976, Karel is a renowned independent music journalist. He graduated from the Philosophical Faculty of Masaryk University and since 2008 has mostly been working as a freelance journalist. He contributes to Aktuálně.cz, Nový Prostor and A2 and closely collaborates with the team of music editors at CR Radio Wave. In 2010, he published his book Hudba ohně (The Music of Fire) and a year later he participated in the editing of the famous publication, Kmeny (Tribes). Well-versed in facts related to Japan and the culture of the Land of the Rising Sun, he is a co-author of the anthology Made in Japan (2014). His most distinguishing feature is an accelerated heart rate whenever he gets near a comic book shop. Karel lives with his family in Znojmo.
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Pavel Turek
Born in 1979, Pavel completed his doctorate in the theory of photography and multimedia, but now mostly works as a music journalist. He spent what he considers a formative period of his life co-managing the magazine Živel. Previously, he also contributed to Rock & Pop, Reflex, MF Dnes and is a collaborator with Radio Wave. He co-founded the pictorial magazine, Komfort and between 2007 and 2009 he worked for the portal, Aktuálně.cz. He has been an editor at Respekt weekly since 1st April 2010 – and fortunately not just because of an April Fools’ joke. He has no hobbies and if he took up any, he would take it as an indication of his existential despair.
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Marie Čtveráčková
Born in 1984, Marie goes under the pseudonym “Mary C” in her capacities as a producer, presenter and cultural activist. Each Monday from 10 pm, her shows “Kruton” and “Scéna s Mary C.” (The Scene with Mary C) are broadcast on Radio Wave. She writes articles for Radio Wave and Full Moon magazine and is one of the creators of “Nejsmutnější party” (The Saddest Party). She teamed up with Martin Tvrdý to establish the educational platform Kreaton. She is also a member of Kreaton DJs, who showcase new styles of DJing and radical sampling sessions with live beats. She is also a member of the “Člověk pokrokový” (Progressive Man) project. She presents the regular discussion show “Sound Chat” at the Czech Centre Prague. She thinks of all these projects as her hobbies. But she does have one obsession she needs to admit to: bursting plastic bubbles – the bigger the better.
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Petra Ludvíková
As a producer and music programmer, Petra has worked for Prague’s Rock Café and the VAC agency. She was head of night programming on Óčko Music TV and a presenter of the Frisbee show. Since 1998 she has been a presenter at Radio 1 and in 2006 she joined the Palác Akropolis team, where she is employed as a project manager and producer of the concert series, EuroConnections, Planet Connection, Žižkov sobě and Femme Fatal, On Tour. She has also organised Music Class workshops. In 2011, she directed and produced the documentary, Love Story, for Czech Television, a look at the Camphill community in Northern Ireland. Petra’s idea of bliss is eating chocolate sour cherries in Norway.
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Jiří Špičák
Born in 1986, Jiří is a regular contributor to Hospodářské noviny, His Voice and Cinepur. His music favourites include Joanna Newsom, Klaus Schulze, Steve Hauschildt, Sufjan Stevens, Olivier Messiaen, The Fiery Furnaces, James Ferrara, Paavoharju, Os Mutantes and the entire catalogue of the Ghost Box label. He works as a music editor on Radio Wave, where he also presents his own show – “Jiří Špičák’s Echo”. His list of favourite movies is notably dominated by films about time travel. He blames his fondness for the colour red on Liverpool Football Club.
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International jury of Czeching 2015 

Tijs van Liemt (Netherlands)
Tijs works as a music scheduler for 3FM operated by the Dutch public broadcaster NPO. 3FM’s musical focus ranges from chart to rock and alternative. The station’s format is similar to that of BBC Radio 1. Before including a new song in the station’s playlist, Tijs first asks: Will our listeners like this song?
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Christoph Lindemann (Germany)
Christoph is Head of music at PULS, a progressive young station produced by the public network, Bayerischer Rundfunk. He runs the music department and is involved in all decisions on the station’s music strategy, as well as its TV and online output. He also works as the director of the PULS Festival.
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Lörinc Bubnó (Hungary)
Lörinc works for Radio Petőfi - the pop music radio station that belongs to the Hungarian public service media group - as an editor/reporter of the prime time afternoon show of the station. Moreover, he often takes part in the fierce discussions with the station's head of music about what to include in their current playlist and what to drop. Besides his radio job he is an active all-around musician in various genres: a session guitarist in various projects and a member of Saint Ephraim Male Choir - a professional chamber choir specializing in orthodox church music and in the Hungarian choral tradition.
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Stefan Trischler (Austria)
Stefan is the host of weekly HipHop show “Tribe Vibes” on Radio FM4 in Vienna and also in charge of the platform “FM4 Soundpark” which showcases Austrian talent on the web and on the radio. Besides listening and presenting music Stefan is also known as a hiphop producer working under Trishes moniker.
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Bethan Elfyn (United Kingdom)
Bethan Elfyn has been a radio presenter for 17 years at the BBC - based in Wales but hosting shows on BBC Radio One, and BBC 6 Music and has spent the last 5 years on BBC Radio Wales, a 3 hour international new music show which plays a mix of alternative hits and new breaking bands from Wales and beyond. Bethan also runs the new BBC Wales and Arts Council of Wales collaboration Horizons; a project which supports new music through radio, festival and international opportunities. Horizons supports 12 bands for 12 months, and they are selected through an open application, and selected via a panel. They are filmed and recorded across the year, and promoted through TV, radio, print and social media campaigns.
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Marta Blumi Tripodi (Italy)
Since 2007, Marta has been working for Rai Radio2 – Italy’s main public radio channel devoted to entertainment and music. As an editor and producer she collaborates on several different shows. These include Babylon – one of the most renowned and innovative music shows in the country which has been on the air for 5 years, RadioBattle – a competition programme that airs in 8 different countries and which sees an average of over 47 000 votes cast in the finals, and Stay Soul – a show hosted by singer Nina Zilli. Marta also collaborates with Swiss public radio RSI and as a freelance journalist she contributes to several magazines – Rolling Stone Italy, Musica Jazz, Hotmc and Rockit, among others.
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Laurent Marceau (Switzerland)
Laurent is a music producer by trade and a true radio field pro. He worked at the BBC from 1992 til 2001. Then he left for EBU where he has been working in the Euroradio unit. He is in charge of music exchanges between public service broadcasters of both recordings and live music sessions encompassing rock, pop, dance music as well as world music. Since 2001 he has been a manager of the Eurosonic – a platform through that radio stations get access to music via a unique network, composed of youth-focused stations and which collaborates with the festival of the same name. Laurent lives and works in Geneva.
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Robert Meijerink (Netherlands)
Since 2005 Robert has been working as the main booker for Eurosonic Noorderslag, the annual showcase-platform and conference in Groningen, Netherlands. He has the last say in the festival line-up. Besides his job at Eurosonic Noorderslag, Robert is promoter at Doornroosje, a live music venue in the city of Nijmegen operating since 1970 and also books artists for various festivals.
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Hervé Riesen (France)
Hervé works for Radio France as deputy director of International Affairs, which, together with RF’s other departments, oversees Radio France’s international activities in the audiovisual field. As a representative of RF, he mainly negotiates with European and African public service stations. Since 2014, he has helped develop strategies within the framework of Radio France’s music policy and is responsible for special event programming.
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Jan Sneum (Denmark)
Jan is a true radio legend both on and off the air – he has worked for a variety of different radio stations over a career that spans more than 40 years. As Doctor Demo he discovered a great many local music talents and he was also chairman of the EBU expert group, EuroSonic. As he puts it himself – he’s more a fan and music lover than a cool professional. In any case, Jan’s expertise draws on many years of personal experience with music bands and artists.
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Grzegorz Hoffmann (Poland)
Born in Warsaw, 1961 Grzegorz is Head Of Music at Polish Radio Trójka working on the station's daily playlist. Secondly he has his own radio show on Mondays (7-9 pm) called Gh+ playing various different kinds of music but most with a hint of psychedelia. His favourite singer/solo artist is David Sylvian.
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