Pavel Turek (Czech Republic)

Pavel Turek - Foto: Ondřej Tylčer

Pavel TurekFoto: Ondřej Tylčer

Born in 1979, Pavel completed his doctorate in the theory of photography and multimedia, but now mostly works as a music journalist. He spent what he considers a formative period of his life co-managing the magazine Živel. Previously, he also contributed to Rock & Pop, Reflex, MF Dnes and is a collaborator with Radio Wave. He co-founded the pictorial magazine, Komfort and between 2007 and 2009 he worked for the portal, Aktuálně.cz. He has been an editor at Respekt weekly since 1st April 2010 – and fortunately not just because of an April Fools’ joke. He has no hobbies and if he took up any, he would take it as an indication of his existential despair.

Autor:   Mary C
Pořad: Czeching  |  Stanice: ČRo Radio Wave
Čas vysílání: poslední pondělí v měsíci v 22.00  

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