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VR/NOBODY: winning artists 2015

VR/NOBODY - Foto: Ondřej Tylčer

VR/NOBODYFoto: Ondřej Tylčer

And here it is! Czeching 2015 announce winners! It is a Prague-based downtempo duo who romp home the victory in the music export project of Radio Wave. VR/NOBODY became the official Czeching 2015 winner of the international jury vote. A young electronic producer Aid Kid received the highest number of listeners votes.

Czeching 2015’s expert jury – composed of Marie ‘Mary C’ Čtveráčková, Jana ‘Apačka’ Grygarová, Petra Ludvíková, Karel Veselý, Pavel Turek, Jiří Špičák together with 11 foreign jurors – have given Prague-based duo VR/NOBODY a golden opportunity to reach a European audience. As the winning band at this year’s Czeching, VR/NOBODY will get the chance to use Czech Radio’s recording studios to produce their brand new EP. VR/NOBODY obtained a total of 72 points from 17-membered international jury. The band and a song titled „Yet“ were nominated by Radio Wave editor Marie Čtveráčková aka Mary C. This is a modern urban music tip that might address European audience and this is why the song received critical acclaim mainly just from the side of foreign jurors. 

The Czeching winners are given the opportunity to make a professional recording of their songs with expenses covered by Czech Radio. The recorded tracks are played on air, included in Radio Wave’s playlist and sent to radio stations associated with the European Broadcasting Union (EBU). And what’s more – on 15th January 2016 our winners will perform live at the most prestigious European music talent festival – Eurosonic Noorderslag in Groningen in the Netherlands . On November 16th VR/NOBODY play Prague at Radio Wave Live Session. Czeching provides winner with support in creation of artwork design, live show and PR. 

VR/NOBODY - Foto: Ondřej Tylčer

VR/NOBODYFoto: Ondřej Tylčer

VR/NOBODY exemplify today’s young urban generation – intelligent, ambitious, well-informed and a touch reclusive, at least in terms of the Czech music scene. Their introverted soul/R&B sound mixed in with contemporary electronic beats is a rare find on the domestic scene. 

Jakub Strach, aka DJ NobodyListen, and vocalist Václav Rouček had known about each other’s existence thanks to their Bandzone profiles, but only teamed up two years ago after getting in touch on Twitter. Václav found his calling as a vocalist in the guitar band, The Designers, which he founded with his fellow hockey team players. But, failing to find the sound they were looking for, they soon dissolved the band. Considering his age, twenty-one-year-old Jakub has already had an impressive musical career – he’s been composing music and playing in clubs since the age of 14 to the point where he now makes a comfortable living out of music. As a DJ, he’s collaborated with nearly every Czech and Slovak hip-hop turntablist out there, along with a host of electronic music producers. And after the break-up of his indie band, he soon found the ideal partner for his future musical adventures in Jakub. 

The duo wasted little time – following some initial test tracks and several live shows, the band started to work on their debut album. Most of the ideas were hatched during a five-day working session last autumn in the Krkonoše Mountains. It gave rise to 10 new tracks recorded at Starworks Studio and mixed by Tomáš ‘Etien’ Sochůrek, before finally being mastered by Tony Dixon of London’s famed Masterpiece Mastering Studios – just to be on the safe side. The result is “Yet”, a mature and exceptional album, especially in terms of the Czech scene right now. To complete their mission, VR/NOBODY went to Berlin where they had videos made for three of the released tracks. 

Surprisingly enough, they serve up a deep and melancholic sound, which almost seems like the work of a bunch of seasoned, mellow musicians in their forties. Václav explains, “I personally find that music helps me get rid of my negative emotions, my dark tendencies, just through composing lyrics. It calms me down and I feel that I send out positive vibes.” Jakub adds, “I feel the same. I like to compose melancholic songs in minor keys, because that’s actually all I listen to really. But normally we’re always looking to have a laugh. When we go to gigs, we’ll be cracking jokes all the time and making fun of everything.” 

VR/NOBODY are definitely on the right path towards finding an international audience. If you’re looking for a reference for their fresh, yet accessible sound, you need look no further than across the border to their Slovak kindred souls, FVLCRVM or Jimmy Pe. This duo, made up of a supremely talented producer/composer and an absolutely incredible lyricist-cum-vocalist (who’s also responsible for the band’s visuals by the way), definitely has a promising future. Jakub – laughing, it must be said – warns us, “We like to play on words: ‘VEE ARE’ NOBODY – Yet. But that’s all going to change very soon – we’re coming, so get ready!” 

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