Czech Radio and its Listeners

Digital Radio Receiver - Foto: Khalil Baalbaki

Digital Radio ReceiverFoto: Khalil Baalbaki

During 2015, 1,633 million listeners aged 12–79 tuned in daily to at least one Czech Radio station, as monitored by RADIO PROJEKT, the main radio ratings aggregator in the country.

This stands for 18.6% of the respective population and 29.3% of all radio listeners of the specified age group. 1,231 million listeners tuned in daily to at least one nationwide station and 475,000 tuned in to one of the Czech Radio’s regional studios. 

During an average week, Czech Radio attained a listenership of 2,571 million, which represents 34.8% of the overall weekly listenership in the country. 1,826 million listeners selected a Czech Radio station as their most listened-to choice of all radio services. 

Czech Radio’s market share on the Czech radio market amounted to 22.5%. This breaks down to 15.9% attributed for nationwide stations (incl. CR Plus) and 6.6% for regional stations. In 2015, approx. 20,000 listeners daily and 56,000 listeners weekly tuned in to any of the special Czech Radio stations. 

Data for individual Czech Radio stations is presented in the pdf table available for download. 

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