International Relations Department

EBU General Assembly in Prague, June 2015

EBU General Assembly in Prague, June 2015

Main aim and function

  • to secure, co-ordinate and monitor the international relations of Czech Radio

  • activities defined by the EBU membership
  • constituting and fulfilling bilateral partnerships with foreign public service broadcasters
  • representing Czech Radio at international events, meetings and negotiations
  • ensuring Czech Radio´s participation in international competitions, at festivals, seminars, conferences, and other events
  • organising international events hosted by Czech Radio in the Czech Republic
  • co-organising concerts and events with Slovak Radio
  • securing technical assistance for foreign journalists in the Czech Republic and for Czech Radio journalists abroad
  • securing international PR and marketing of Czech Radio in co-operation with Marketing and PR Department
  • supporting the management of Czech Radio during international meetings / visits

Organisational hierarchy
  • under Communications and External Relations

Contact International Relations Department 

For further questions related to the international co-operation, EBU partnership, international sport and programme exchange, radio competitions, events with international participation, and other, please contact directly the International Relations Department at: 

Czech Radio
Vinohradská 12
120 99 Praha 2
Czech Republic 


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