EBU Membership

Czech Radio has been an Active Member of the European Broadcasting Union (EBU) since 1993, and as such has been significantly contributing to and participating on the news exchanges, sport broadcasting, music exchanges, and co-operation in the area of production and transmission of radio broadcasting. Czech Radio is ensuring close and regular contact not only with the EBU headquarters, but also with its individual members on a bilateral basis.

EBU Brief Facts:

  • Founded in 1950
  • Headquarters: Geneva
  • Offices: Beijing, Brussels, London, Madrid, Moscow, Singapore, Washington
  • Biggest worldwide professional association of national public broadcasting organisations
  • 120 members from 80 countries - 75 Active Members, 45 Associate Members
  • Member broadcasters reach an audience of 650 million weekly
  • Main goals: promote cooperation between broadcasters and facilitate the exchange of audiovisual content, representation of EBU members in European Union in the area of audiovisual matters, close co-operation with other European institutions, UNESCO, and other international broadcasting unions, etc.

Czech Radio and EBU:

Czech Radio and its co-operation with EBU is varied and covers:
  • EURORADIO satellite network - broadcasting over 3100 concerts and opera performances yearly
  • promotion of Czech culture via the activities and events of EBU - Czech Radio belongs to the most active members in the EBU music exchange network
  • exchange and co-operation in the area of music, news, sport, educational and drama programmes, programmes for young, broadcasting for motorists, co-operation in marketing, education, research, and many others
  • following and contribution to the technological development of radio broadcasting, eg. digital broadcasting and new media in particular
  • dealing with legal issues connected to the European legislation and other legal entities
  • active promotion and support of public service broadcasting


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