Jiří Malina

Jiří Malina - Foto: Khalil Baalbaki

Jiří MalinaFoto: Khalil Baalbaki

New Media Director

Born in 1977 in Prague 

Jiří Malina returned to Czech Radio after a seven-year spell in Prague Zoo where he, among others, held the position of a strategy and development deputy and, subsequently, led the PR department. 

He worked in Czech Radio from 2001 to 2010, leading a team of Internet specialists and serving as a deputy Editor-in-chief of Czech Radio Online for many years. During these years, he specialised in audio streaming, video content on the Internet, and podcasting. 

In 2011, he co-founded the StreetCulture radio where he held the post of the Chairman of the Administrative Board of a beneficiary society and where he tried to implement a DIY approach and open-source principles in the community medium. 

In the recent years, he has been captivated by public space as a topic as well as by urbanism, which is why he took up the regional studies bachelor programme and public administration MBA programme. 

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