Josef Havel

Josef Havel - Foto: Khalil Baalbaki

Josef HavelFoto: Khalil Baalbaki

DG Office Director

Date of Birth: June 1950 

Mr. Havel graduated from the Faculty of Arts, Charles University in Prague, in the field of prehistory and history. 

Until 1990 he worked at various positions at the archeological department of The City of Prague Museum. In 1992 he took up the position of the deputy director at Czech Radio Regina, since 1993 he worked as the director for programme at the private radio station Alfa. In 1995 he was appointed Director of the Programme Division of Czech Radio. In 2006 he became the Executive Director of Czech Radio and since 2009 he was commissioned to manage the Czech Radio Regina station and later also named as its director. 

On October 1 2013 he was appointed the Secretary of Director General. Since March 1st 2016 Josef Havel holds the post of DG Office Director. 

Hobbies: non-fiction and science fiction literature, sport (1969-1979 first rugby league player), family, cooking. 

tel.: +420 221 551 240

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