The Mission, Vision, Values and Goals of Czech Radio


Newsroom - Foto: Jan Vágner

NewsroomFoto: Jan Vágner

Our mission is to serve the public, offer quality information, education, culture and entertainment and to contribute to the defence and development of the core values of a democratic society. 


We seek to be a highly reliable, sought-after and irreplaceable communication medium. 


We are fully cognizant of the fact that we are financed by the public. As such, we seek to fulfil our public service remit, and are guided in our functioning by the following basic principles:  

1. Trustworthiness
  • to be a trustworthy and independent source of information
  • to be impartial, accurate and honest
  • to be a reliable and responsible partner of the public
  • all of our activities are subject to strict ethical guidelines
  • we are accountable to the public, which has the right to monitor and evaluate our activities
2. Quality
  • to pay maximum attention to quality in all our activities
  • to strive for a civil discourse in our content and various forms of communication
  • to ensure that we produce consistently high levels of content and forms of communication
  • to cultivate the expertise and education of our employees
  • to seek out and school professionals to work in Czech Radio
3. Diversity
  • to provide a varied offering of programmes that cover all relevant viewpoints
  • to also cover subjects and genres that commercial media routinely overlook
  • to seek out and make use of new forms and methods of work
  • to support the creativity and interests of our employees
4. Tradition and development
  • to honour democratic and cultural traditions and seek to ensure their preservation for future generations
  • to preserve the continuity of Czech Radio broadcasting, while at the same time reflecting changes in society
  • to support universal development and beneficial innovation
  • to utilise new technologies as part of ongoing efforts to ensure easy access to our programming
5. Respect
  • to respect our listeners and pay attention to their needs, opinions, wishes and requests
  • to always make our listeners the number one priority
  • to serve all of society, while at the same time respecting all social groups and minorities as well as individuals
  • to seek social cohesion and the integration and empowerment of all members of society
  • to respect other rival media, welcoming an open and free media environment
  • we are all one team, one Czech Radio, each employee and each department is important and contributes towards the universal goals of the service


The following basic goals guide us in fulfilling our mission:  

1. To provide the public with impartial, balanced and quality programming and content
  • to provide listeners and users with balanced, quality and varied programming content, primarily focused on information, education, culture and entertainment
  • to cover a diverse array subjects, genres and forms of programming and content
  • to offer programming to all sections of society, taking into account varied age-groups, ethnicities, nationalities, social groups, faiths and creeds as well as gender, sexual orientation, culture, artistic direction, regional and local factors, political and philosophical beliefs and also levels of education
  • to devote programming to Czech historical art, primarily in the fields of music, literature, drama and documentary
  • to offer foreign productions as well as to distribute our programming to foreign audiences
  • to organise national and international competitions and festivals with a view to supporting radio production, new talent and young artists
  • to secure easy access to our programming and content via the newest technologies
2. To create, defend and promote the basic values of a modern democratic society
  • to create, defend, promote and develop the crucial values of a modern democratic society
  • to strengthen democracy, the plurality of viewpoints and a belief in the rule of law as well as basic human rights and freedoms, most importantly the freedom of speech, the right to information and the right to privacy
  • to contribute to the defence of the rights of the individual, minorities and other social groups, primarily children, youngsters, seniors, disabled and medically afflicted citizens and those living in difficult social circumstances
  • to educate, enlighten, contribute to the legal, political, economic, environmental, social and cultural awareness of citizens of the Czech Republic and to support their right to freely make up their own minds
  • to strengthen mutual understanding and tolerance, social cohesion, solidarity and inclusiveness within all sectors of society
  • to communicate those values, which enrich, ease everyday burdens and contribute towards individual education and development as well as that of society as a whole
  • to increase awareness of civil rights and responsibilities and to promote civic discussion and participation in public life
  • to fulfil the role of a socially responsible institution; to organise and support charity, artistic and other universally beneficial projects
3. To contribute towards technological advancement
  • to utilise new technologies, including multimedia platforms to disseminate programming and content, including the Internet and mobile communication tools
  • to undertake activities in the arena of new communication media and services; to serve as a pioneer in the field of new radio and communication technologies
  • to offer maximum access to our schedule and content
  • to motivate society towards an effective use of modern communication technologies relating to the activities of Czech Radio
  • to continuously and systematically modernise Czech Radio, its activities and services
4. To nurture, enrich and disseminate the national cultural heritage both at home and abroad
  • to fulfil the function of a prominent cultural institution
  • to preserve and honour traditions, nurture cultural heritage and treasures and disseminate knowledge of these to the general public
  • to strengthen national values, cultivate national identity among citizens; to disseminate these values and the good name of the Czech Republic abroad
  • to promote Czech culture abroad
  • to promote Czech and global cultural diversity and to cultivate the Czech language
  • to create, maintain, utilise and make accessible the Czech Radio archive collection
  • to seek out and support new talents, young performers and creatives
  • to cooperate with notable social institutions
  • to connect, partner and cooperate with organisations and individuals who, via their activities and projects, embody the values of Czech Radio, particularly in the fields of science education, culture and sport
  • to heed to the ethnographic and cultural character of regions
5. To defend the principle of independence and to strive for the competitiveness of Czech Radio
  • to perpetually defend the legislatively enshrined independence of Czech Radio
  • to respect the right of public oversight
  • to emphasise and utilise Czech Radio’s unique position and mission in the media market
  • to consistently monitor, be aware of and react to developments in both the Czech and international media markets
  • to evaluate the contributions of Czech Radio and its influence upon society; to make use of analyses, market studies and ratings data

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