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Czech Radio Hosted ´Multimedia Meets Radio´

Multimedia Meets Radio - Foto: Andrea Borgnino

Multimedia Meets RadioFoto: Andrea Borgnino

More than 120 new media and radio broadcast experts came to Prague on March 5-6, 2009, to attend the third annual EBU (European Broadcasting Union) Conference "Multimedia Meets Radio". The agenda focused on the further development of multimedia within traditional radio broadcasting. The addressed topics included the future of music on the internet; interaction with the audience; the introduction of new multimedia projects; possibilities of exploiting content across a variety of digital platforms; and more. The panel of speakers comprised of experts from the BBC, RAI,, CBC, and other radio broadcasters from all over the world. The programme also included representatives from Czech Radio, which has hosted this years´ conference.

Multimedia Meets Radio - Audience - Foto: Albert Garnier

Multimedia Meets Radio - AudienceFoto: Albert Garnier

Multimedia Meets Radio is an important event not only for experts of new media, but it is also a great opportunity for editors-in-chief, radio producers, webmasters, programme editors and all, who are interested in employing multimedia in radio broadcasting and radio production. 

Multimedia Meets Radio - Václav Kasík - Foto: Albert Garnier

Multimedia Meets Radio - Václav KasíkFoto: Albert Garnier

The conference was opened by the Director General of Czech Radio, Vaclav Kasik, who highlighted during his speech that "multimedia is becoming an inseparable part of modern radio". He also expressed the endeavour of Czech Radio to further support the development of multimedia and its use in radio, and their desire to come up with new, attractive projects to offer Czech Radio listeners. 

Multimedia Meets Radio - Brett Spencer - Foto: Albert Garnier

Multimedia Meets Radio - Brett SpencerFoto: Albert Garnier

The agenda covered numerous topics. Canadian CBC Radio 3 director Steve Pratt explained the focus and importance of this rather small youth station that is not broadcasted in analogue yet has attracted a large audience, and become very popular in Canada. Brett Spencer, the Interactive Editor at BBC Radio 5 Live, presented various possibilities of utilising new media within BBC broadcasting and also expressed the positive approach of the BBC towards multimedia projects and further development of new media. The delegates had a chance to learn about the future of music on internet from Jonas Woost, the Head of Music at the internet server 

Multimedia Meets Radio - Social Event - Foto: Kristýna  Richterová

Multimedia Meets Radio - Social EventFoto: Kristýna Richterová

During the two-day period of discussions and inspirational presentations, the EBU succeeded in offering a unique meeting of experts from the fields which fuse traditional radio broadcasting with modern, swiftly developing multimedia. 

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