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Czeching 2015 winners VR/NOBODY take another step on their way to international success

VR/NOBODY na pražské Radio Wave Live Session - Foto: Jiří Šeda

VR/NOBODY na pražské Radio Wave Live SessionFoto: Jiří Šeda

Eurosonic Noorderslag, the prestigious European showcase festival, serves as a springboard for catapulting bands on to the international scene. With their melancholic R’n’B sound, VR/NOBODY – the winner of Czech Radio’s music-export project Czeching – were given the opportunity to perform at the notable music event, which took place last Friday.

As part of their prize, the band also got the chance to record their new EP at Czech Radio’s studios, which was subsequently also released on vinyl. The resulting EP Now almost sold out within a couple of weeks. And so on Friday January 15, VR/NOBODY again showcased their qualities making a live appearance at Eurosonic Noorderslag, the largest European showcase festival. The duo put on a special show featuring a video projection and guest-starring saxophonist and flutist Radim, member of the internationally renowned hip-hop band Champion Sound.  

„VR/NOBODY’s last EP sounds like a mature and compact release... a step in the right direction.“

There was no let up in the Eurosonic competition this year. Over the course of three days, the festival, which is based in Groningen in the Netherlands, showcased over 300 music projects – so to make sure VR/NOBODY left their mark, Czeching supplied a range of special promotional materials for the event. The main focus of this year’s edition of the festival was on Central and Eastern Europe, providing the whole Czech team with the opportunity to appear at the CETEEP Focus Lounge where festival visitors could buy flexi-vinyls containing VR/NOBODY’s new EP, a compilation of Czech music prepared by Monika Klementová and Márton Náray in collaboration with the Arts and Theatre Institute, and a kaleidoscope on the work of producer Aid Kid, the winner of this year’s Czeching listener poll.  

„ VR/NOBODY produce a highly sophisticated sound.“

Although VR/NOBODY’s potential for captivating international audiences had already been given a stamp of approval by Czeching’s 17-member jury (composed of representatives from the EBU’s public service broadcasters), the best promotion for the Czech duo came in the form of three recommendations from the festival’s media partners – attaching three hearts to the band’s name in the festival programme. 


Last Friday, we`ve played Eurosonic Noordeslag festival, the biggest showcase festival in Europe. It was great to be there, the experience was amazing. Thanks again to everyone involved!

Zveřejnil(a) VR/NOBODY dne 18. leden 2016

Listen to an interview with VR/NOBODY about their appearance at Eurosonic on Thursday, February 11 at 8pm on Radio Wave, featured as part of a special edition of the Czeching programme – a two-hour overview of the previous year’s competition. 

Click here for “The Best of Czeching 2015” with nominees including Aid Kid, Kyklos Galaktikos, Schwarzprior, Awali, and Slowmotiondancer.  

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