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Czech Radio Foundation logo - Foto: Dominik Herr

Czech Radio Foundation logoFoto: Dominik Herr

Czech Radio, in accordance with its role as a public service medium, acts as a media partner to a wide range of various projects, events and institutions. It has already become well-established in this area. In many cases these are unique projects that would never come into existence without the support of Czech Radio.

Media partnership of Czech Radio is focused mainly on charity, culture, education and public education and sport. Nationwide and regional stations of Czech Radio support more than 1200 events and projects every year. 

Events organisation forms an integral part of Czech Radio's activities. To name but a few, there is the regular Open Doors Day at Czech Radio for the general public, the blood donation event ´Give Blood with Czech Radio´, Donate a Toy (during the time before Christmas Czech Radio holds a collection of toys for abandoned children living in orphanages), and many others. 

The Czech Radio Foundation

Světluška ("Lightning fly": a symbol that brings "light into darkness") 

The most recognisable long-term project of the Czech Radio Foundation is a nationwide money collection entitled Světluška ("Lightning Fly"). Money raised in this collection is carefully guarded and audited. It contributes to the improvement of life conditions and independence of people with visual handicap and supports specific projects for the blind and partially sighted people. Patroness of the project is well-known Czech singer Aneta Langerová. 

Světluška supports: early intervention care for families with children with multiple disabilities (vision and movement stimulation), personal assistance for blind children integrated to normal schools, purchase of auxiliary aids such as digital reading device with voice output, Braille display, guide dogs, mobility and orientation training (using white cane), vocational skills, sheltered living and supported workplace, daily living skills, recording books on tapes etc. The bank account (ten nines) 99999 99999/0100 is open to donors throughout the whole year. 

The Czech Radio Foundation was established at the instigation of the former director general of Czech Radio, Václav Kasík. In the thirteen years of existence the foundation granted over 113 million Czech crowns, especially to blind children and partially sighted people who are in desperate or extremely demanding situation. 

Czech Radio Foundation, Vinohradská 12, 120 99 Praha 2
tel: +420 221 551 215

"Every one sometimes needs light in the darkness."
Collection account no.: 99999 99999/0100
DMS SVETLUSKA - send to no. 87777 (contribution 30 CZK) 

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