Artists21 July at 4:00 PM, Respirium  





Agota Zdanavičiūtė - vocals, kanklės, dambrelis (Jew's harp)
Dorota Zdanavičiūtė-Girskienė - vocals, drum
Rytis Girskas - sitara, saroda, bansuri 

The musical folklore project LAIMINGUO was born in 2013 as a duo comprised of Agota and Dorotė Zdanavičiūtė. The sisters, who have been making music since an early age and are members of the SEN SVAJA band, decided to establish a musical duo that would be more oriented to historical festivals both in Lithuania and beyond. The instrumentalist Rytis Girskas has been with the band since 2016, when he joined for a tour in Europe. 

The band's musical programme consists not only of the original rendering of Lithuanian folk songs and sutartinės, but also traditional music from other nations blended with Lithuanian folklore. The compositions they perform feature two voices accompanied by drum, kanklės (zithers), occasionally a jew's harp and traditional Indian string instruments, such as sitar, sarod and bansuri. 

LAIMINGUO have played to audiences both in Lithuania and internationally. They have performed at the experimental archeology festival Biskupin in Poland, at Viking festivals in Norway, and at various music festivals in the Czech Republic and Hungary. They also collaborate with shamans from different cultures, and their music is played during various rituals.  

In 2016, the sisters released their debut album "Laiminguo", a word that is an archaic form of the Lithuanian word of wishing happiness.The musicians believe in the purity of traditional music and send their good wishes to listeners while performing it. 


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