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RADA - Foto: Pavel Potashnikov

RADAFoto: Pavel Potashnikov


Śviatłana Buckaja - vocals, artistic director
Aleh Łukjancaŭ - vocals, harmonica
Alaksandar Žukoŭski - vocals, lyre
Vasil Mardačoŭ - vocals, harmonica 

Founded in 2006 by Vasil Hryń, the folk band RADA has as its mission the revival and dissemination of traditional Belarusian vocal and instrumental music. Most of its repertory is gathered by folk band members during their own expeditions. 

RADA has participated in numerous folk festivals and competitions throughout Central and Eastern Europe, with Aleh Łukjancaŭ and Vasil Hryń receiving 3rd Prize in the category “Other Shepherd Instruments” at the 2008 Shepherd Instruments Competition in Tsehanavets (Poland); 1st Prize in the "Chapel" category at the 2009 Festival of Folk Bands organized by the Bielastotski Museum in Poland; 2nd Prize for Aleh Łukjancaŭ and Vasil Hryń in the category “Other Shepherd instruments” at the 2010 Shepherd Instruments Competition in Tsehanavets (Poland); and a certificate for the revival, preservation and popularization of traditional culture at the Tanočak Festival of Folk Art in Biezdziež (Drahičynski Distr., Belarus). 

RADA has released three albums, most recently "I wholly sleep", mainly including songs collected by members of the group during their own folklore expeditions in the Western and Eastern Polesie Dnieper region. 


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