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The documentary film The Battle for Czech Radio - Foto:  Národní filmový archiv

The Battle docu-movie

A unique documentary made solely from authentic film footage from 1945. You will see all the available footage from the battle for the Radio in Prague. Some of them have been hidden in archives for many decades.

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The Battle for the Radio - Foto: Aleš Vavřík

Battle for the Radio

The Soviets are only a few kilometres to the east, the Americans are approaching from the west. Hitler is dead and Berlin has capitulated. Will Prague become the last Nazi bastion? Follow the uprising day by day...

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Petr Stančík: The Spring Man. The Protectorate superhero alive again - in a radio drama. - Foto: Honza Bažant

The Spring Man

He attacks members of the SS. He sabotages production. He scares collaborators. Testimonies differ, but one thing is sure: the enemy will be for the high jump. The Protectorate superhero is revived in a radio drama.

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Find Your Own HERO CZ - Foto: Honza Bažant

Find Your Own Hero!

Are we descendants of Žižka or Švejk? Is heroism a good thing or just a silly risk? Shall we follow the example of heroes, or shall we keep our fingers crossed for them in safety? Look for the answers with us.

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Heroes from the Barricades - Foto: Honza Bažant

From the Barricades

Twelve documentaries about heroes of the Prague Uprising. You will hear authentic broadcasts of the revolutionary radio from May 1945 as well as the testimonies of direct participants in the last great battle of World War II.

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Who do you think is a HERO CZ? - Foto: Honza Bažant


What do you imagine a Czech hero to be like? For what or whom would you risk or lay down your life? Would you be willing to take up arms to defend your country? Fill in our questionnaire.

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Prague's Wenceslas Square in the Protectorate era - Foto: Honza Bažant


When did the Munich Agreement cease to be valid? Do you know the legend about Heydrich and the St. Wenceslas crown? Who became the symbol of collaboration with Nazis? Test your knowledge of the darkest period of the 20th century.

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The Battle of the Radio - Foto: Aleš Vavřík

Eventful 5th May

We will unveil a new commemorative plaque to fallen heroes of May 1945, introduce a unique photo exhibition and our brand new docu-movie Battle for the Radio. The festive day will close with a great mapping projection in Prague.

70th anniversary events


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The Second Republic – What do you know about the strife of democracy and totalitarianism?

How well versed are you in the history of the so-called Second Republic? Do you know how the territory of Czechoslovakia changed? Do you know who ruled here and how the last democracy in Central Europe gradually crumbled away? Try our new quiz!

Heroes in Artworks

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