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Children help to protect Planet Earth - 19th annual international art competition for children Drawing Online 2014

Malujeme po síti 2014 - Foto: Barbora Buchalová

Malujeme po síti 2014Foto: Barbora Buchalová

Have you noticed how beautiful our planet is? How extraordinary a place to live it is? Open your eyes wide and look around: there are so many animals of different kinds, plants grown for their beauty or use, so many colors and shades you can find in oceans and seas... Unfortunately, at the same time, you will find acts of human beings, often bad and thoughtless, that can harm the balance of nature.
Every single one of us should take the planet Earth protection personally.
How do you help, or would like to help, to protect Planet Earth?
Draw, sculpt or otherwise depict ideas that could help protect our environment right now or sometime in the future. Shall we try together?


drawing: best is 210 × 297 mm (A4), but we accept also bigger or smaller drawings;
handcraft: burnt clay, wood, metal etc.;
computer graphics: jpg, tiff, resolution max. 1280 x 1024 px; send burnt on CD or DVD including 2 – 3 screenshots of the creation process or printed on paper 210 × 297mm (A4) or via e-mail, max. picture size 5 MB
2D/3D animations: files in standard video formats - avi, mp4, FMV, mov, swf, FMV, mpeg-2 (DVD video), mpg in best possible resolution; send burnt on CD or DVD including 2 – 3 screenshots of the creation process 

Czech Radio - Radio Junior, Vinohradská 12, Praha 2, 120 99
and the envelope should be visibly labelled: Children help to protect Planet Earth. 

The back side of the artwork should contain the following data:
• Individuals: name and surname, age, address, phone no.,
artwork name
• Schools and organizations: school name, address and phone no., class and age of children, teacher´s name, name of the artwork
We admit two artworks from one author at most. 

Artworks will be assessed in two rounds by the expert committee composed of famous celebrities from the Czech Republic. 

Originals of the awarded artworks will be displayed in exhibition from June 2014 in Prague. The works will be displayed also digitally on the webpage of Czech Radio drawing.rozhlas.cz 

from the beginning of May you can vote at malujeme.rozhlas.cz 

Submitted artworks will not be returned back to the authors and their copyright belongs to Czech Radio. 

FURTHER INFORMATION about the competition can be obtained here:
Ms. Lenka Kupková
Czech Radio, Vinohradská 12, 120 99, Prague 2, Czech Republic
Phone no.: +420 602 769 822 or +420 221 552 807
Email: lenka.kupkova@rozhlas.cz 

Autor:  Lenka Kupková
Pořad: Vlastní příspěvek  |  Stanice: Nová Média

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