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Czech Radio Online announces XVII. volume of International art competition for children

Malujeme po síti 2012

Malujeme po síti 2012

Drawing online 2012 - Ideas which changed the world

Competition for children in the age of 5 – 15

Express the exceptional ideas or deeds which played an important role in the evolution of mankind (from any area of human activities) - it can be an important invention, unique piece of artwork, act of humanity, or victory of good.

Output items
drawing: best is 210 × 297 mm (A4), but we accept also bigger or smaller drawings
handcraft: burnt clay, wood, metal etc.
computer graphics and animations
- computer graphics: jpg, tiff, resolution max. 1280 x 1024 px; send burnt on CD or DVD including 2 – 3 screenshots of the creation process or printed on paper 210 × 297mm (A4) or via e-mail, max. picture size 5 MB
- 2D/3D animations: files in standard video formats - avi, mp4, FMV, mov, swf, FMV, mpeg-2 (DVD video), mpg in best possible resolution; send burnt on CD or DVD including 2 – 3 screenshots of the creation process

All artworks must be sent til 31. 3. 2012 to:
Český rozhlas Internet, Vinohradská 12, Praha 2, 120 99
and the envelope will be visibly labelled: Ideas which changed the world

Submitted artworks will not be returned back to the authors and their copyright belongs to Czech Radio. 

The back side of the artwork will contain the following data:
Individuals: name and surname, age, address, phone no., name of the artwork
Schools and organizations: school name, address and phone no., class and age of children, teacher´s name, name of the artwork

Maximum number of artworks
Two by each author. You can also add a short description of your artwork – but this text will not be included into asessment. 

Artworks will be assessed in two rounds by the expert committee composed of famous celebrities from the Czech Republic.

Originals of the awarded artworks will be displayed in exhibition from June 2012 at the Musaion – Ethnographic Exposition of the National Museum at the Kinsky’s Folly in Prague. 

The works will be displayed also digitally onthe webpage of Czech Radio: webik.rozhlas.cz

Further information about the competition can be obtained here:
Czech Radio, Vinohradská 12, 120 99, Prague 2, Czech Republic
Ms. Lenka Kupková
phone no.: +420 602 769 822 or +420 221 552 807; e-mail: lenka.kupkova@rozhlas.cz

Autor:  Lenka Kupková
Pořad: Vlastní příspěvek  |  Stanice: Nová Média

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