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Drawing Online 2010

Vernisáž výstavy Malujeme po síti - Foto: Jaroslav Petříček

Vernisáž výstavy Malujeme po sítiFoto: Jaroslav Petříček

9 June 2010, some hundreds of participants gathered for the opening ceremony of the Drawing Online children competition: Coffers and Treasures of our Great-grandmothers to visit the exhibition of the winning artworks in the beautiful surroundings of the sunlit park stretching around the Kinský Folly.

Vernisáž výstavy Malujeme po síti 2010

Already two hours prior to the opening, the event, which almost resembled a garden party in the magnificent environment, offered children the possibility to participate in the arranged games and win small prizes, to draw, tie-dye, dance, pick up the prizes that were prepared for all the visiting children or to go and see the exhibition. 

The programme started at 15hr and the presenter of this year’s exhibition was Václav Žmolík. There was the announcement of the main winners whose works were selected by the jury which consisted of e.g. the graphic artist A. Born, V. Hradecký, K. Hlubuček, I. Korpaczewski, the actress Naďa Konvalinková or the interim Czech Radio Director General Peter Duhan.
Especially Adolf Born valued the high artistic quality of this year’s submitted artworks. 

The winner of the Public Prize was Eva Jebáčková, 9 years old. For the duration of one month everybody who was interested could submit their vote for one of the selected twenty artworks presented on the Czech Radio webpage for children. 

There were also visually impaired or handicapped children among the participants and their handicap did not prevent them from qualifying among the absolute winners of the competition. 

All the participants were very positive about the exhibition that was carefully arranged and organized. The spectacular hall of the Kinský Folly gave the event its unique atmosphere, however, it did not take away its playful spirit. The ceramic dragon is guarding the exposition of the foreign participants from Indonesia, India, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Belarus, Russia, Lithuania, Denmark, Kenya, and Slovakia. 

There will be art workshops organized for the visitors. In the month of June they will be taking place on Saturdays and Sundays between 13 – 18 hours. 

The exhibition is open for public as of 9 June every day except for Monday between 10 – 18 hours until 31 October 2010. 

The artworks that were selected for the exhibition can be also viewed in the Picture Gallery 2010. 

The video from the opening published on the Kinský Folly webpage can be found also here! 

How the children from Kenya are drawing for our competition can be viewed on the following webpage Humanistické centrum Narovinu. 

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