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Memories of Africa (Friday November 26, 2004)
Magdaléna Dittlová19.11.2004 14:57

In the following year, it will have ten years been since the creation of African Odyssey project. Also to this occasion, we issue CD called Chanting of Africa. It includes the recordings of ethnic music from the places of Africa where the "backpacked" storks led us to between 1995-2000. You can enjoy the singing and drumming from eastern Senegal (including Mali song dedicated to the female stork Kristyna), recordings of catholic worships from December 31st, 1999 in Mali, recording Christmas of Ethiopian orthodox Christians, or the singing of the Nyangatoms. Twelve page booklet includes a number of photos and texts describing the circumstances of the origin of the individual recordings in Czech and English language. The CD will be out on December 6th and you can order it for for a discount price 5 euros (plus postage added by the publisher Radioservis) from these pages only. If you are interested in Chanting of Africa, please send you messages to; do not forget to include the number of ordered CDs and your postal address. Part of the profit from each sold CD will help other monitoring of the "backpacked" storks.

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