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August 1995

Releasing of Victor 
Releasing of Victor 
August 05 Both of Kristyna's babies left the nest.

August 20 Viktor's only baby left the nest (till the end of August, there had been two babies in the nest, then one of them fell to the ground and died).

August 24 The third black stork was equipped with the communication kit in the Rakovnik region. An adult stork female that recently stayed close to Viktor was named Zuzana. During the morning feeding, she got caught in a snapping trap positioned in a nearby creek. During this action, the operating team evaluated the knowledge gained during observing Kristyna and Viktor.

August 27 Czech Radio 2 Prague headquarters witnessed final preparations for African Odyssey ´95 expedition: the storks were expected to leave the Czech Republic soon and the operation team equipped with two off-road trucks (Mitsubishi Pajero a LIAZ Afrikabus) was ready to follow them to Africa as well. The team consisted of eight members - both scientists and journalists. The equipment of the crew included a satellite phone unit, transmitters, satellite navigation system and additional material.

August 30 Viktor left the Rakovnik region; at 4 P. M. he was located flying over the Czech-Moravian Highland by the Argos system.

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