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November 1995

November 12 Four Members of the African Odyssey '95 expedition arrived in capital of Chad N´Djamena (they were Miroslav Bobek, Frantisek Pojer, Lubomir Peske and Khalil Baalbaki) to follow and search for Viktor.

November 20 Viktor was located by the expedition crew on a stony bush-covered plain in south-eastern Chad near Goz Beida.

November 21 Van den Bossche (ornithologist) saw Zuzana in Israel. On a fish-tank near Amir kibuc, she got friendly with 36 black storks and 9 white ones.

November 25 The expedition left area where Viktor had been observed both on foot and on horseback. Unlike in Senegal, multiple black storks were encountered in this area. However, the river-beds the storks were feeding in were drying fast. Nomads and village people from surrounding areas were bringing their cattle to the river-beds to drink. Thus, the storks were almost constantly disturbed.

November 26 Zuzana flew across the Gulf of Suez and entered Africa.

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