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March 1996

March 16 Viktor resided in western Sudan in the afternoon. On the 15th of March, he had already been on his way back to Central African Republic.

March 17 Kristyna began flying home; at night she was located in Mali.

March 22 Viktor reached northeastern Sudan.

March 24 Zuzana left her winter habitat in Ethiopia.

March 25 Kristyna was located in Oued Drâa river-bed near Morocco -Algeria border. She had already resided in this area in autumn during her way to winter habitat.

March 31 There has been no evidence about Kristyna since the 25th of March - maybe she had died in the desert. The signal of Viktor's satellite transmitter has not been located since the 22nd of March, either. However, it was clear that this signal absence had occurred due to battery discharge. The transmitter was working for much longer time than the team had ever expected. Zuzana was located in southeastern Egypt by the Argos system. The sensor data showed that her satellite transmitter has still sufficient battery capacity to follow at least a part of Kristyna's return to home due to different timing.

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