HLAVNÍ STRÁNKA Odysea Kalendárium Příspěvek   
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October 1996

October 7 After ten days of being presumed death or lost, Kristyna was located again at the south of Mauritania near Senegal river. She had already stopped at that area in autumn in 1995. Kristyna chose the area, where she had resided during last winter, 250 km far from the river basin of Falémé. Thus, the bird pilgrimage from the temperate climate zone to the tropical zone was observed for the first time. Zuzana still resided at Balkan Peninsula, east of Belgrade in Yugoslavia; Oskar moved in the same area in the first October days as well.

October 13 Zuzana spent the night north east of Sofiya; she went on a trip in previous days.

October 19 After having rested in couple of localities at Balkan Peninsula for more than seven weeks, Oskar continued to fly: the satellites located him west of Craiova in Romania at night.

October 22 Zuzana was located not far from Eskişehir in Turkey at night. It led to conclusion that she left Europe via Bosporus. She had probably flown across Bosporus on the 21st of October. Oskar flew across the Dardanelles.

October 27 After three week stop south of Mauritania, where Kristyna resided near Senegal boundary river, she moved to her usual winter habitat in the river basin of Falémé river. Due to very precise satellite location data, we could recognize she could be spending the nights on the same palm tree, where she had been observed by the members of African Odyssey in 1995. The fact that Kristyna returned to the same location was one of the most interesting experiences of the whole project.

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