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March 1997

March 1 The African Odyssey ´97 expedition arrived in Prague. 38 live sessions were included into Czech Radio 2 programme. Some These information were also presented on the internet. Radio France Culture broadcast the live material as well. After she had made a short trip to Senegal in late February, Kristyna got on her way home. The Argos system could not locate signal of Addis. Either the satellite transmitter broke down or the stork died. Oskar stayed in his winter habitat.

March 5 Oskar spent the night close to Wau river (southern Sudan). He left the winter habitat on the 4th or on the 5th of March.

March 9 Kristyna flew over Western Sahara territory (a route 375 km long). The path she chose was different from all the previous ones. This time, she flew much closer to the Atlantic Ocean coast.

March 14 At 5 P. M., Kristyna reached continent of Europe. Spanish ornithologists at the Cazalla station (just like in 1995, they saw Kristyna flying by) reported this moment to Prague as follows: "She flew across the Strait of Gibraltar between Morocco and Tariff together with additional 19 black storks". Till the evening, Kristyna reached Cadiz surroundings. Oskar was located south of Khartoum; he was returning home along a path different from the one he chose for flying to his winter habitat.

March 27 Oskar had stopped for about two weeks in river basin of Blue Nil river (south-east of Khartoum), then he continued flying home.

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