HLAVNÍ STRÁNKA Odysea Kalendárium Příspěvek   
Český rozhlas
April 1997

April 2 After a slower phase of her journey, Kristyna took a long flight 206 km long and finally stopped near Nurenberg. At the moment, she was just 230 km far from her nest in Brdy hills. The nest had been previously wind-damaged and her new partner-stork had been seen there.

April 3 Kristyna reached her nest. She was located there at 3 P. M. using signal of her ground transmitter.

April 4 Oskar stopped in Egypt near Kom Ombo town, where he resided during his way to winter habitat in autumn.

April 9 A new Kristyna's nest was found in the Rokycany region. This proved that Kristyna left her damaged nest (there was some exploitation running close to the nest, too) and moved about 7 kilometres to a new location.

April 11 Kristyna and her new partner (he was named Jakub) were seen while warming their eggs. Oskar seemed to return to his winter habitat: he spent the night near the Aswan High Dam.

April 13 Oskar was again on his way home.

April 27 After two weeks without any evidence, the satellites located Oskar's transmitter signal again near Kom Ombo town (Egypt). It all looked that Oskar probably got killed or died.

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