HLAVNÍ STRÁNKA Odysea Kalendárium Příspěvek   
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June 1997

June 8 A black stork with colour-readable ring 61T was encountered in a nest close to Dobris town. The ring revealed the stork was ring-marked as a baby in summer of 1995 (in Lanska reserve by Frantisek Pojer).

June 9 Kristyna received new, lighter and more efficient communication kit.

June 11 Czech Radio expedition (Miroslav Bobek, Khalil Baalbaki, Robert Tamchyna) left Prague for Egypt to explore migrant birds' stop places and to try find some evidence about Oskar.

June 15 Jakub (Kristyna's male partner) was located both by the satellite and ground transmitter. Alike Kristyna on the 11th of June, he was captured while feeding the babies in the nest.

June 16 Oskar's communication kit was found on Ibrim farm 10 km far from Kom Ombo (Upper Egypt territory). The stork (either ill, exhausted or wounded) might die in the first decade of May. Maybe children killed him when he lost his natural shyness. Then, the transmitters were taken by common fellahs. They hide them, as they were aware of "some kind of explosives or something like that". Thus, it seems that primary reason of Oskar's death was natural.

June 23 In Egypt, the crew continued exploring the migrant birds' stop places (especially those of black storks and white storks). The expedition crew learner that in Upper and Central Egypt, farmers perceive storks as a good-news-messengers and friends. Therefore, they never kill them. However, the storks are highly endangered in Lower Egypt. In Nile delta and Sinai Peninsula, village people capture the birds using nets and paste. They kill all the birds, from the smallest songsters to storks and flamingos. People eat the birds and trade them (e.g. El Manshy hotel in Damietta features "season birds" on the menu).

June 28 It hailed heavily in the Rokycany region and other parts of the Czech republic in the night. Kristyna's babies might not survive this disastrous event.

June 29 Jakub was located near Holoubkov village using the ground transmitter. However, the team did not succeed in locating Kristyna.

June 30 The nest check revealed a cruel truth: all three Kristyna's and Jakub's babies had died during the hail storm. Kristyna was still missing.

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