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September 1997

September 5 Kristyna a Jakub were ground-located and observed near Rokycany. In the morning, they were catching food almost "side by side".

September 9 Kristyna flew away and reached Regensburg (Germany) surroundings. She left for her winter habitat earlier than in 1995 and later than in 1996.

September 11 Tereza was located in river basin of Loira river near Bourges, Martin stayed in Central Bohemia near Kolin town.

September 12 Kristyna was flying to the west; the satellites located her near Ansbach (Germany).

September 13 Jakub's transmitter signal was located after a week of trying: in the morning, he resided in Germany near Nurmberg. One thing remained unclear - would Kristyna and Jakub fly to Africa together?

September 18 Jakub and Kristyna chose different paths to fly to Africa: Jakub was located early in the morning in north-western Hungary. During the day, he flew over 250 km and finally stopped in river basin of Sava river in Croatia.

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