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March 2000

March 2 Krystof left his winter habitat in Sierra Leone and began flying due north. Till the evening, he reached a position 220 km far.

March 4 The nest of Dominika and Krystof was moved to a nearby beech, as the original position was not secure due to tree condition (the fir was too dry and might fall down).

March 5 Krystof flew 200 to 220 km a day and reached southern edge of Sahara in Mauritania territory. There has been no evidence about Dominika for a few days.

March 8 Krystof took longer and longer day-routes. The maximum distance he reached for a single day was awesome 488 km. This is a new record (Viktor, who made a route 476 km long on the 25th of October 1995, held the old record).

March 12 Krystof had previously passed both Antiatlas and High Atlas along the Atlantic coastline. Then, he got as close as 50 km from the Strait of Gibraltar. Each day, he traveled 150 to 350 km.

March 13 Krystof crossed the Strait of Gibraltar and entered Europe.

March 19 Krystof was residing near Zaragoza (Spain). In previous days, he had slowed down his pace with daily minimum of about 70 km.

March 20 Krystof flew over the Pyreneans. He chose the same way as he had done on his way to winter habitat. Dominika was still missing with no information on her available.

March 23 Krystof was having a rest on the French side of the Pyreneans.

March 26 After a 2-day break in the Pyrenean area, Krystof was flying over France for the third day in a roll. Each day, he moved some 200 to 300 km; in the afternoon, he reached French-German-Swiss borderline point. In the Brdy Hills, David was found using the ground transmitter's signal. David had been observed using satellite telemetry in 1998/99 season. He was standing in a nest just a few km far from the place he had been nesting in previous seasons.

March 28 Krystof probably stayed near Bodam Lake.

March 30 Krystof reached Munich in Germany.

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