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January 2000

January 4 On its way back to Dakar, the expedition crew shortly observed black storks in the Djoudj National park in western Senegal. However, just about twelve of them is wintering in this "birds' paradise".

January 7 The expedition returned safe to Prague.

January 19 After more than 3 months, one of the satellites (NOAA 11) received signal from Otakar's transmitter. Otakar resided in western Africa.

January 26 Dominika resided 50 km far from the spot she was registered for last 8 weeks. Krystof left his winter habitat in western Mali and flew some 170 km due south to Gambia River in southern Senegal. Both storks probably needed to find new water and food resources.

January 28 Krystof kept on flying - after a journey 230 km long he finally stopped in Guinea.

January 29 After flying another 120 km, Krystof reached northwestern part of Sierra Leone. Kristina showed similar movement prior to wintering termination in early 1996.

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