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September 1999

September 4 Krystof left his nesting place and flew to German side of Krusne Hory Mountain Range. It was surprising he flew in northern direction.

September 9 Dominika stopped to fly towards the Strait of Gibraltar and rambled near the edge of Kastillian Mountains in western Spain. There was a lot of food for her, especially frogs. After four days of resting near German side of Krusne Hory Mountain Range, Krystof started flying in southwestern direction.

September 14 Dominika continued to fly across Spain towards the Strait of Gibraltar; Krystof flew across eastern France.

September 16 Dominika flew over the Strait of Gibraltar and entered Africa between 3 and 4 PM.

September 18 Krystof reached eastern edge of the Pyreneans.

September 19 Dominika reached northern edge of Sahara in Algeria. Vaclav stayed not far from Ulm in Germany. We had not any news about Otakar, Karel, and Sissi. Sissi's transmitter was down as well as Karel's one; Otakar's transmitter did not worked properly. We had the data from sensors only. Miroslav Bobek and Frantisek Pojer were making a document about African Odyssey in southwestern Spain together with German TV Broadcast Company. They found Jonas's communication set in Villafranca del Guadalquivir town. Jonas probably became a victim of some poacher a couple of days ago.

September 20 Dominika flew across Sahara in southeastern direction. This direction surprised us; perhaps a west wind might have changed the original direction of her way.

September 22 Dominika returned to her original direction. During a day, she flew in west-southwestern direction.

September 24 Satellites located Krystof in northeastern Spain. First he flew in northwestern direction in bad weather and was searching suitable flying corridor; then he crossed Pyreneans at last.

September 26 Dominika reached the south edge of Sahara and was near winter habitats of black storks.

September 29 Krystof left Europe over the Strait of Gibraltar after 4 PM. Dominika was in savanna range in the south of Mauritania near Kiffa.

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