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July 1999

July 6 The fourth baby stork that had come out in Innsbruck's ZOO in Austria in the end of May was added into the nest of Dominika and Krystof. The scope of this experiment was to know whether babies born in capture could be put into the free nature that way. The first hours showed us this experiment could be successful - adult storks and their babies took Innsbruck's baby without any problems. Concurrently, a drop of blood was taken from all babies. In a couple of days, the laboratory examinations showed results: babies of Dominika and Krystof were males and Innsbruck's baby was female. Young baby storks were named Otakar, Karel and Vaclav; adopted female stork was named Sissi.

July 15 The tree (old dry pine tree) with a nest was anchored by ropes. We supposed that the tree would go down at strong wind.

July 17 When Krystof attacked our stork bait at a river near his nest, we caught him into s special cage. We gave him a satellite and ground transmitter; we installed a satellite transmitter for solar recharging that would work longer and produce more accurate data.

July 24 All babies (Otakar, Karel, Vaclav, and Sissiú were given communication sets.

July 30 After six weeks, Dominika was finally caught and she was given communication set including satellite and ground transmitter.

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