HLAVNÍ STRÁNKA Odysea Kalendárium Příspěvek   
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May 1999

May 1 Miroslav Bobek and Khalil Baalbaki began to search Kristyna's communication set in Senegal bushes again.

May 3 Finally, Kristyna's communication set was found in the late evening. It lied burnt in the place where a fire had damaged bushes. It was still working. Several meters from the communication set, the crew found feathers in the color and size of black stork' wings. There were no doubts that Kristyna had died; it looked like she was a victim of a predator. The confirmation of Kristyna's death closed the most interesting and significant chapter of the entire African Odyssey project. The former nest of Kristyna and David was settled by an unknown male stork, while David and his new "wife" heated four eggs in a new nest. Jonas remained in southwestern Spain where he had been transported in the end of 1998.

May 30 The monitoring of new stork family began. We chose a couple that alternatively heated three eggs in Rakovnik area. (Viktor had been labeled in that nest in July 1995.) The storks were named Dominika and Krystof. A remote controlled video-capturing device equipped the nest site.

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