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September 1998

September 4 The ground transmitter signal made it possible to follow David and Jonas feeding together near the nest. The satellites located Kristyna and Hynek in the Brdy hills. Ondrej was missing - his satellite transmitter failed.

September 8 Argos system satellites located Hynek southwest of Pilsen.

September 11 Jonas was located near Pilsen, while Kristyna and David still resided in the Brdy hills.

September 18 Kristyna got on her way to Africa (later than she had done in previous seasons). In the morning, satellites located her in the Brdy hills and during night in the German part of borderline in Sumava mountains range region.

September 19 In the evening, both Kristyna and David were located in southwestern Germany. Data analysis revealed David had left the Brdy hills on the 18th of September.

September 20 Both Kristina and David flew to Jura region in eastern France. They spent the night just a few kilometers away from each other. It seemed that they intended to got to the winter habitat together.

September 22 Hynek was in southern France, Jonas still resided near Pilsen. Kristyna and David had been flying independently for two days.

September 24 David reached western Pyrenees, Kristyna flew a bit slowly and satellites located her in the "Massif Central" region in France.

September 27 Hynek was shot to death near Agen (southwestern France) by a local vandal "hunter".

September 30 After 4 days of resting among Pyrenees peaks, David flew in southwestern direction. Kristyna flew across western Pyrenees from France to Spain.

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