HLAVNÍ STRÁNKA Odysea Kalendárium Příspěvek   
Český rozhlas
June 1998

June 2 The third baby hatched.

June 4 The fourth baby hatched. All the time, one of the parent storks stayed in the nest warming the babies.

June 10 There were four babies in the nest (the fifth egg did not hatch). Parent storks were feeding hour or two. Hungry babies raised their heads and made some noisy sounds. Kristyna and David did not warm the babies as often as they did in previous days.

June 15 One of parent storks pulled a baby out of the nest. (Later, we learned the baby had got seriously hurt and its wing was lame). Thus, the old stork gave the baby a coup de grace while protecting the rest of the babies.

June 21 Kristyna got new satellite/ground transmitters. The stork babies (with black flight-feathers growing rapidly) stood at their feet and tried to spread and sway their wings. Their parents did not warm them anymore, they even did not reside in the nest. However, they were often sitting in the trees not very far from the nest. The baby feed frequency decreased, too.

June 26 Two older babies showed first body feathers growing.

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