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Český rozhlas
May 1998

May 7 Martin was missing and he wasn´t found. Argos system was activated for his following again.

May 9 Kristyna's "husband" was been named David.

May 12 The nest check revealed Kristyna a David were warming 5 eggs.

May 22 Trial live Internet transmission from the nest began (color video recorder (incl. transmitter) had been installed near the nest a few days ago. The video signal was digital-converted in Holoubkov).

May 25 The "Kristyna Live" show on the Internet officially started.

May 30 In the afternoon, the first baby hatched. Kristyna removed the empty shale from the nest and rearranged moss around the baby and the eggs. After another 10 minutes, David arrived and fetched several little fish to feed the baby. According to signal of VHF transmitter Martin was located between towns Dobříš and Beroun in Central Bohemia.

May 31 In the evening, the second baby of Kristyna and David hatched.

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