HLAVNÍ STRÁNKA Odysea Kalendárium Příspěvek   
Český rozhlas
April 1998

April 4 Martin returned to Central Bohemia: his ground transmitter signal was located near Dobris town in the afternoon. Surprisingly, Kristyna did not occupy her old nest. She was rambling around Brdy hills instead. Her male-partner Jakub had been missing already since November.

April 12 It seemed that Kristyna had a new nest in Czech Army Training Zone in Brdy hills as well as a new male-partner. Martin was located near Dobris. He was not residing near the nest he had built with Tereza last year. Now, he was found preparing a different nest.

April 13 Martin was observed courting and mating in a nest that had been used by different stork couple in summer of 1997. Martin had a new female-partner.

April 17 Jakub could not be located even using an aeroplane on an area of 3000 square km. Either he had died down in Nigeria or he had moved into different region.

April 19 Kristyna's new nest was checked for the first time. It looked that she was already warming the eggs together with her male-partner.

April 25 Two black storks were observed in the nest where Martin had resided within past weeks. None of those storks had the communication kit. Also, a broken egg was found beneath the nest. Then, it became clear that Martin was still residing near the nest. Had his female-partner chosen another stork to share the nest with, or were those two storks in the nest a completely different couple?

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