HLAVNÍ STRÁNKA Odysea Kalendárium Příspěvek   
Český rozhlas
May 2000

May 6 We found Krystof and Dominika's new nest half pushed off and fallen out egg underneath. Also under the "old-new" nest (an artificial nest near the original one), much fresher fallen out or pulled out egg lied. In the evening, we located Dominika in places where a stork's nest is found as well; we failed to find Krystof. Strange behaviour of Dominika and Krystof was probably as result of fights with other storks or even "marriage quarrell"

May 13 We located Dominika at border of Krivoklat area; we could even hear Krystof's signal from the distance. All the nests we reached were empty.

April 24 We saw Dominika and Krystof flying in heights during the sunny day; they stood togetjer but obviously did not nest.

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