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August 2000

August 11 We equipped a female white stork born that year with a satellite and terrestrial transmitter in a nest on the premises of the Dvur Kralove zoological garden. We caught her in the nest where she was still returning for nights. We gave her the name Marta.

August 14 We equipped another young white stork with a satellite and terrestrial transmitter in the same nest as Marta. This was another female whom we called Zofie.

August 17 Marta and Zofie were spotted in the Dvur Kralove zoological garden for the last time.

August 19 Both female white storks were in the Czech-Moravian Highlands.

August 21 Marta stopped south of Budapest, Hungaria, in the evening.

August 22 Zofie reached Romanian Carpathians. From the time and geographical location we presumed that both females flew together, probably in a much bigger flock. They flew very fast - some 350 kilometres a day. Krystof was still in Bohemia in the morning. E had no data from Johana and Agata's transmitters.

August 23 Marta was in northern Bulgaria in the evening. She must have flown at least 800 kilometres in two days.

August 24 Krystof reached northern Switzerland. Marta a Zofie's parents were still within the zoo premises.

August 27 Marta was localised in central Turkey, near the town of Konya.

August 28 Marta reached north-western Syria. We took a defunct satellite transmitter from Agata.

August 29 Marta travelled 300 kilometres and make a stop at the border between Syria and Israel - in approximately the same place as Zuzana, a female black stork, in autumn 1995 and 1996.

Krystof was spending his fifth day in eastern France near Besançonu.

August 30 Marta flew over Jordan

August 31 Before noon local time, Marta was over the Sinai Peninsula. In the afternoon, satellites traced her to the shores of the Suez Bay.

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